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Messianic believers among women in Israel Air Force fighter pilot course

The IAF is now actively seeking to recruit more women to its fighter pilot course and believers, too, have answered this call.

Court case for Bible Society bookshop in Tel Aviv

The Bible Society in Israel requests prayer for a court hearing tomorrow January 24, 2018 at 9:30 a.m. The court case concerns the Bible Society bookshop in Tel Aviv, which has been in the same premises for 55 years and should have protected status.

KNI Israel Prayer Corner :: Jan 23, 2018

Read this week's key prayer points that are related to the Messianic community and to mainstream Israel news.

Center run by believers under attack again in Dimona

Protests have rekindled recently in southern Israel outside a new Messianic meeting center that re-opened up in the center of Dimona earlier this month. Albert and Esther Knoester updated KNI regarding the current wave of attacks and both the positive and negative aspects of the attention it has brought.

Pence in Israel: US to move embassy to Jerusalem this year

In the first official visit to Israel by an American senior official since U.S. President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital on Dec. 6, Vice President Mike Pence — a strong evangelical Christian — announced at the Knesset that the move of the nation’s embassy will happen within the year.

With BDS friends like these, we’ll never lack enemies

Of all groups included in the ban, the AFSC peacemakers received the lion’s share of sympathetic media coverage. Is Israel stifling courageous Christian rebuke, or exposing world-class hypocrisy?

VIDEO: A balanced view of apostolic ministry

As we continue to teach apostolic and prophetic restoration in Israel, the controversy surrounding apostles and prophets in our day is back in the...

US to convert Jerusalem consulate into embassy by end of 2019

A day after media speculation over seemingly divergent statements on the timing of the US Embassy move to Jerusalem, US officials have reportedly told media outlets it will now take place by the end of 2019.

Are Palestinians children of Abraham?

Howard writes, "On Jan. 14, Palestinian Authority President, Mahmoud Abbas spoke in an address to the PLO Central Council these words: 'This is our country. This has been our land since the days of the Canaanites...'"

KNI Israel Prayer Corner :: Jan 16, 2018

Welcome to the first edition of the KNI Israel Prayer Corner. We plan to summarize the key prayer points on a weekly basis that are related to the Messianic community and related to mainstream Israel news.

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Pride comes before a fall

Howard writes, "But as the Spirit of Messiah spoke through Moses to the Israeli people long ago in its very beginnings, he warned us that becoming powerful and wealthy would also lead to forgetting YHVH our God..."

The cost of following Yeshua in Israel and around the world

Though we are not killed for our faith in Israel, and very rarely physically hurt, opposition through social, political, judicial and economic means puts believers under great pressure.

Breaking through

How do we break through the wall of what Christians want to know about Israel into the realm of how God is actually moving...

Hollywood ain’t got noth’n on Moses!

Ron writes, "The story of Moses could not have been written by Hollywood’s best screenwriter. We have an evil king in Pharaoh. We have an oppressed people in the Israelites. We have a baby redeemer."

Reading the Bible from cover to cover – Thoughts and recommendations

Arthur writes, "However you choose to read through your Bible this year, remember to treat God’s Word with reverence. Don’t treat your time alone with Him as a chore."

Israeli Messianic Community News

Celebrating Be’ad Chaim’s 30th Birthday

Only God knows how many babies this wonderful work has actually saved over the last 30 years. Some of those babies are parents themselves by now. Some of the Mums have chosen life through reading a leaflet on the street, or been caused to reconsider by just looking on the website, and never contacting the office. We give thanks to the Lord for them all.

Pray For Israel: David’s Key

David’s Key is a fellowship of believers in Rishon LeTzion, taking their place as priests and kings in prayer, supplication and worship. The Prayer House meets daily for intercession and spiritual equipping and is committed to the vision of One New Man in Messiah.

The clothes that we will wear

Eddie writes, "We have walked in places that we could not have imagined and achieved things that were beyond our natural ability. And the treasure that will adorn us forever will be great!"

Be’ad Chaim Gardens of Life – Tu b’Shvat Tree planting event

"Women and men who have suffered the loss of a baby through abortion or miscarriage are invited to plant a tree in their child’s honor at the Be’ad Chaim Gardens of Life on January 31, 2018, the day of this year’s Tu b’Shvat holiday."

VIDEO: Brad Show interview with Yoyakim Figueras and Joe Finkelstein – “Hasdey Yeshua’s new...

Hasdey Yeshua Congregation was forced to leave their building and worship in a tent in the dessert of Arad. Now they are facing new challenges.