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Erdogan’s vision: Uniting an ‘Army of Islam’ to destroy Israel in 10 days

An article in a Turkish paper with close ties to Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan exposes the regime's desire to form an "Army of Islam" to attack and destroy the State of Israel.
KNI Israel Prayer Corner

KNI Israel Prayer Corner :: Mar 14, 2018

As we touched on last week, sharing faith in Israel is a quite different situation than it is in most Western nations. The avenues are more organic, people to people expressions - different than we might expect.

VIDEO: Yeshua is Risen!

Hebrew video from One for Israel's video series about Jewish apologetics and evangelism by Eitan Bar and Moti Vakin.

Report: Israel’s economy among the strongest in the world

In a report released this week, the OECD cited Israel’s 15 consecutive years of “economic expansion” and low unemployment as factors for its growth and standing globally.

God’s greatest sign to the generation

Shira writes, "I believe there is no greater proof of a God in Heaven than the existence of the modern state of Israel. Israel is God's time clock."

‘Good Neighbor Project’: Loving thy neighbor as thyself

The Syrian civil war, which began on March 15, 2011, has left nearly half a million dead. Millions of refugees fled the country and millions more stayed in Syria. But in the midst of all the danger and chaos, Israel is working to change hearts and save lives.

Thirty Arab and Jewish Pastors attend conference: “A Dangerous Calling”

On February 22nd, 2018, Israel College of the Bible wrapped up the third such senior pastors’ conference for all the graduates of the Masters program, held at a hotel in Hadera, on the coast of Israel.
KNI Israel Prayer Corner

KNI Israel Prayer Corner :: Mar 6, 2018

Many have wondered whether the passing of Billy Graham, at the age of 99 years old, is an indication that days of great spiritual harvest lie just ahead of us.

The Shelter Hostel offering hospitality as ‘Trail Angels’

Well known in Messianic circles for their Shelter Hostel in Eilat, believers John and Judy Pex have been“Trail Angels” for Israel’s national hiking trail for 13 years now.

The extraordinary ministry of Shevet Achim

Shevet Achim is a remarkable non-profit organization that works with physicians to bring children who have congenital heart defects to Israel for life-saving surgery that is unavailable in their own nations.

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Commentary on Parashat Vayiqra (And He Called)

Moran writes, "We live in a broken and sick world that is in much need of healing. Is your life full of the saltiness of the Lord so that you can bring His healing to others?"

6 things to do when under spiritual attack

Cody writes, "As followers of Yeshua all of us go through seasons of increased spiritual attack, which can unsettle us if we don’t know how to respond."

Your blood upon us and our sons

Orna writes, "We are so used to nations asking our forgiveness for their part in hiding His Jewishness from us. But the time has come for us to own our part and repent of the choices we made ourselves."

New heavens and new earth

Dan and Dalia write, "As believers, already in this life on earth, we can feel His presence, to be filled with His peace and joy, to enjoy His love and care for us. But we must live according to His will, walk in the light..."

Commentary on Parashat Vayaqhel (And He Assembled) & Parashat Pequdei (Accounts Of)

Moran writes, "The book ends with a very dramatic moment in the lives of the people of Israel, as they completed the construction of the Tent of Meeting (Tabernacle)..."

Israeli Messianic Community News

The heart of a giver

Guy writes, "One conclusion from these verses, is that when we give to the poor we give to the Lord. When we have a heart for the broken, we are not giving to the broken but to the Lord."

Believing ministries that help the poor in Israel – Part 3

In Part 3 of KNI's series on believing organizations that help the poor in Israel we highlight the humanitarian work of Christ Church Jerusalem Mercy Fund, One for Israel, Joshua Fund and Dugit.

Hope blooms in Tel Aviv – opening of new counseling center

Yeshua tells us that the Kingdom of God is like a tiny mustard seed that eventually grows to a big tree that can provide shelter for many. In His timing the mustard seed that is Anchor of Hope has begun to sprout, and hope is blooming in Tel Aviv.
KNI Israel Prayer Corner

KNI Israel Prayer Corner :: Feb 27, 2018

Prayer for Community News Purim upcoming and the 'Haman' threat still lives. Even as we write, there is breaking news of arrests of terrorists who...

Messianic couple welcomes legal victory in Israel

In a direct challenge to Ministry of Interior policy, an Israeli court of appeals has ruled in favor of a Messianic couple in a family reunification case.