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Part 1: Israeli millennials vs. their American Jewish counterparts

A poll commissioned by Jews for Jesus shows that 21 percent of Jewish millennials in America believe that Jesus was God and another 28 percent believe that even if he’s not God, Jesus was a spiritual leader or rabbi.

Palestinians threaten to cut ties with US if its DC office closed

Saeb Erekat, a top official in the Palestine Liberation Organization, has threatened to cut off communication with the Trump administration if it closes the PLO's diplomatic office in Washington.

Prayer request regarding potential struggle with Ministry of Interior over citizenship

Carolyn writes, "Please don't hate or mock this couple or other ultra-Orthodox Jews though, but pray for their salvation and deliverance! And thank you for your love and prayers for our family as we walk through this season..."

Wife of terror victim: Pray for my husband

The wife of a man seriously injured in a terror attack on Friday is calling for prayer for her husband who remains in intensive care with a head injury.

‘Christian Jihad’ proposed at ‘Love Your Neighbor’ conference

Last month, Christian activist Stephen Sizer adopted Islam’s favorite term for violent struggle to describe his peaceful assault on Zionism: jihad.

Terror victim wife lobbies US: end Palestinian payments to perps

Months after her husband was killed along with his sister and father by a terrorist at their Shabbat dinner, Michal Salomon met with White House officials and U.S. congressmen to voice her outrage that the terrorist’s family would receive money from the Palestinian Authority.

70+ years later, Holocaust survivors celebrate Bar Mitzvah at the Western Wall

Forty-five elderly Holocaust survivors celebrated his or her Bar/Bat Mitzvah Monday morning at the Kotel (Western Wall) in Jerusalem's Old City.

A Messianic Star Is Born: Tslil Goldman

Messianics have been in the mainstream media in Israel, on talent spotting show, “The Next Star” (haCochav haBa). Tslil Goldman turned up with a veritable entourage of friends and family, and gave a show-stopping performance that blew the judges away.

Saudi orders Palestinian PM to accept peace with Israel

Israel’s Channel 10 is reporting that Saudi Arabia ordered Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to accept the Trump administration’s Israel-Palestinian peace plan when it it released — or resign.

With much fanfare, Israel hits record 3 millionth tourist in 2017

According to the Ministry of Tourism, Israel’s goal has been to increase tourism traffic to and within Israel, strengthening the country’s image while boosting Israel’s economy.

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The magnitude of Caesarea and an important life lesson

Eric writes, "This week, I am beginning a tour of Israel and our first stop after leaving Ben Gurion airport we loaded our bus and headed north to visit our first stop of the day, Caesarea by the Sea. What an amazing site filled with so many wonderful archaeological remnants! As I walked through the amphitheater and the hippodrome, I marveled at the amazing architecture and the immense structures that we built under the leadership of Herod the Great (not really a great guy but a great builder). The seaport that once stood on this site was a tremendous achievement, especially without modern equipment and technology. Yet, with all the size and magnitude of Caesarea, my thoughts went to the fact that Roman rule over the Promised Land was what made it possible for these structures and aqueducts to be constructed. Caesarea is just one of the many Roman cities that once stood in Israel. This journey through this historic site made me remember again one of the most important lessons that I have learned over my years of Biblical studies. It's a lesson that has for over 30 years provided a viewpoint that allows me to walk through or deal with some of the largest issues and problems. This single thought has allowed me to handle death, financial downfalls, loss of friendships, and natural disasters. Good things don’t happen as a result of bad things or even to counteract bad things. Good things happen regardless of bad things happening. The evil Roman leader Herod didn’t come to power so that he could build an amazing city that would one day be the location of Peter’s message to a righteous gentile Roman officer, named Cornelius, nor was the Roman city Caesarea Philippi, with its multiple pagan temples, built so that one day Yeshua could ask Peter the question, “Who do you say that I am?” No, not at all! G-D does not need evil to happen so that He can do something good. Rather, in G-D’s amazing awesome greatness, grace, and mercy He works good even though some people perform acts of immense evil. In other words, G-D didn’t require Roman sin to bring a Jewish redeemer to Israel and He also didn’t need a Roman to sin so that the message of Yeshua would be preached to the Nations. The promise of redemption being preached to the Nations was given in covenant to Abraham. From the very beginning of Genesis, we are also provided the prophetic covenant promise of a Jewish redeemer for Israel. I once heard someone proclaim that the horrors of the Holocaust took place because that was G-D's plan to re-establish Israel and without the Holocaust, Israel would not exist as a nation today. This is not only wrong thinking, but it also forces one to believe that G-D caused the death of 6 million Jews because He needed evil to take place to accomplish good. The truth is that Israel exists not as a response to evil, but because of the covenantal promises of G-D. Had the Holocaust not taken place, Israel would still exist because Israel was promised to be reborn. So, as we view the remnants of the Roman cities that once stood within the boundaries of the Promised Land, we should rightly marvel at the magnificent structures that once stood on those plots of land. But, we should marvel even more at the magnificence of the absolute covenantal promises that our G-D provided in His Word. These promises are so sure and so powerful that nothing man could ever think to build, no matter how ungodly, could prevent G-D’s promises from being fulfilled. By the way, this truth is absolute even when it comes to promises G-D has made in His Word to you. There is nothing you can ever do that would be so evil or so large that your actions can keep Him from fulfilling His promises."

Ideas and their consequences: “You may know a tree by its fruit”

Elhanan writes, "It is over and against these multiple gods that Israel, a tiny nation of people, were commissioned to serve the revealed YHVH as his witnesses. They were admonished to not serve these gods of gold and silver and stone, but the one living Creator of all the universe."

Birthing Israel, changing history: The Balfour Declaration

Shira writes, "It is the Sovereign God who positioned men in places of authority and power, who knew the Bible. God's plans will never be thwarted. Blessed are those who have eyes to see and ears to hear!"

CLAIM: Israel no longer Promised Land in New Testament Era

Ron writes, "As we get closer to the next Christ at the Checkpoint conference, a conference dedicated to convincing people that Israel is an illegitimate, oppressive and unbiblical nation, it is important to take a fresh look at their claims, that the New Testament changes the land promises to Israel."

LISTEN: Matthew 23: The significance of detail

Rev. David Pileggi looks at today’s gospel passage, in which Jesus rebukes the religious leaders of two thousand years ago; but this passage is also for the Church. What causes us to stumble in this passage?

Israeli Messianic Community News

Ethiopian Jews in Israel

"God is at work in every part of Israeli society, and the gospel is reaching Ethiopian Jews in all sorts of ways – especially the younger generation."

Messianic Israeli wows judges on reality singing competition

Ron writes, "Now the competition begins. But Tslil’s focus is not on winning fame and fortune, but spreading the name of Yeshua. Keep her protected in your prayers."

Why Christians celebrated the Balfour Declaration Centenary

Nick writes, "Our desire as Christians is that the Jewish people would take away from that evening the message that they have friends in the Christian community who will stand by them and support them in today’s climate of anti-semitism and 'anti-Israelism'."

Sukkot – Hosting the nations

Jonathan writes, "Why do we need the Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot) and what relevance does it have to you and me? Let's first remember that it had several purposes even in the days of Moses..."

Pray for Holocaust survivors: Reach Initiative International

Reach Initiative International (RII) is a Messianic Jewish ministry born out of deep love for God and all of His people. Founded by Stewart and Chantal Winograd, with a single motivation: to follow Jesus’ example of sacrificial love.