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Israel tests high-speed train connecting Jerusalem-Tel Aviv

Israel’s transportation ministry tested the high-speed Jerusalem-Tel Aviv express train on Sunday, some six months before the line’s expected opening to passengers in April 2018.

Netanyahu to Putin: Iran is increasing its efforts to establish its military foothold in...

Netanyahu met with Russia President Vladimir Putin in Sochi Wednesday alongside Mossad Director Yossi Cohen stating directly to the Russian President “Iran is increasing its efforts to establish its military foothold in Syria” and that Israel wants to “prevent a war” in the future.

Trump delegation arrives in Israel, Kushner to meet with Netanyahu and Abbas Thursday

President Trump’s Middle East delegation arrived in Israel Tuesday as part of a Middle East tour in efforts to push forward with the peace process.

Southern Israeli towns relax, rebuild after relative quiet

Southern Israeli communities are experiencing a boom of sorts in southern Israel as residents have relaxed a bit due to three years of relative quiet coming after years of near daily bombardment with rockets launched from Gaza.

Judicial Watch sues U.S. Govt. for records supporting BDS movement

Judicial Watch filed two Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuits against the U.S. State Department and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to expose former President Barack Obama's support for the BDS movement against Israel.

Jewish Voice Ministries discriminatory genetic testing? 

While Messianic Jews are not deemed Jewish by the Ministry of Interior and subsequently many have been denied citizenship to Israel, one organization is on a quest to determine Jewishness through DNA testing.

Netanyahu to meet with Putin in Sochi Wednesday, talks to center on Syria and...

Netanyahu will travel to Russia on Wednesday to discuss “the latest developments in the region” with the Russian president, the Prime Minister’s Office confirming the talks will center on the ceasefire and developments in Syria, as well as Iran’s efforts in the Middle East.

Israel, Jordan and PA to hold joint fire drill

Israel, Jordan and the PA will hold a joint drill of their emergency services in October, an initiative intended to improve the response of emergency services to potentially catastrophic situations as well as foster international relations.

Israel hatred from Virginia to Spain

Islamic terrorists in Spain, claiming affiliation with ISIS, shouted anti-Israel slurs not unlike those heard earlier this week in Charlottesville, Virginia. Thursday's car-ramming attack at a popular outdoor shopping mall in Barcelona killed 13 and injured more than 100 others.

Final whistle for Iranian soccer players who faced Israel?

Two Iranian soccer players have been at the center of a media storm in their country following their participation in a game last week where they broke their homeland's protocol and played against Israelis.

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The Canaanites were real – and they’re living in Lebanon!

"To everyone’s amazement, scientists have been able to extract DNA from the remains of ancient Canaanites buried in the Lebanese city of Sidon some 3,700 years ago – and they have made an astonishing discovery."

Love of God – Sacrifice – Healing

Dan and Dalia write, "The harm and the pain, which cause lack of forgiveness and bitterness, "color" the love of God in them and prevent them from expressing the love that was poured into their hearts. Yet there is hope!"

Israel and the Nations: A Theological Opinion, Part 2

Ron writes, "When a member of the nations comes to faith, he does not become Jewish. He continues to be a member of his or her nation, but has complete access to all the heavenly benefits found in Yeshua."

The often missed first step in becoming a believer in Yeshua

Eric writes, "However, many of us miss the very first step in the process and we end up fighting many spiritual battles that we are not only not intended to fight, but that are impossible for us to win because we are not the ones that are equipped or prepared to fight those battles."

Solar eclipse – a sign and a wonder

"Almost as if it was designed that way, as a phenomenon to be seen and enjoyed from earth. And that is because it was designed – designed by God for our benefit – not only for our sense of wonderment, but also as a sign."

Israeli Messianic Community News

Prophetic Studio in Haifa

Yevgeni writes, "We started a project and bought an additional place in our facility following God’s direction and made of it a room for prayer, worship and prophecy. After we finished with the rebuilding process, we did not have a full picture of what to expect and how to deal with it..."

LISTEN: Interview with Brian Slater – serving the poor in Netanya

"Many people think Israel is a country full of rich people and are shocked to find out that the poverty level is very high. Brian runs a charity in Netanya and each week he runs a soup kitchen and prepares food packages that he delivers to poor families living in the city."

The amazing story of Yonatan Perry

Gil writes, "The following day I called Yonatan and heard an amazing testimony from him. Yonatan was raised in a national orthodox family... While surfing the web, he found a testimony of a messianic Jew and was shocked – How can a Jew believe in Jesus?!?"

Pray for an Israeli Ministry: The Caspari Center

The Caspari Center for Biblical and Jewish Studies is an evangelical resource and education center. Established in 1982, the center provides resources for training, discipleship, academic research and study for the messianic body and global Church.

The “God who sees” provides a time of refreshing for single mothers

"Thankfully, through the outreach of CBN Israel these women are finding comfort and healing in a community of women they can relate with as well as receiving a helping hand in times of need."