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VIDEO: My Home and Yours – Yaron Yerachmiel Cherniak

This song “My Home and Yours” (in Hebrew) is from the album “The Israeli Path”. Below are lyrics in English. Production
Lyrics, Music, Vocals: Yaron Yerachmiel Cherniak
Musical Director: Avi Perrodin
Musical Adaptations: Avi Perrodin, Yaron Yerchemiel Cherniak

Dearly Beloved
I will not let go of the traces of memories
You left in my heart
You whispered my name in my ears
Dearly Beloved
How long is it yet to wait
Until I see Your face
Until I will be by Your side and know no more sorrow

Within the walls of despair, hear the fruit of my prayers
Then I will know, and feel too, I will hear Your voice
Then I will find the path of trust
To my home and Yours


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