Aaron Hecht

Aaron is a member of Jerusalem Assembly, House of Redemption. Aaron is a member of Jerusalem Assembly, House of Redemption.

Are we “Christians” or “Messianic Jews” (and does it matter?) Part 2

Aaron writes, "If you forget everything else you read here, remember this one thing. If you spend more time talking about how you’re “not Christian” than you do talking about how the Lord died to redeem you from your sins, then you’re doing it wrong."

Are we “Christians” or “Messianic Jews” (and does it matter)? Part 1

Aaron writes, "By the time the First Century following the birth of Jesus Christ had ended, the movement which His earthly ministry, death, burial and Resurrection had given rise to had already spread all over the known world. But it had also already begun to fracture..."

Lessons from the story of Gideon

Aaron writes, "[God's] plans and purposes WILL come to pass in due time, and He is ready to accomplish this with a thousand, a dozen, or even with just a single person."

Stop doing Lucifer’s job for him

Aaron writes, "But there’s something else that also goes on at this time of year, as these two holidays have become a point of often fierce acrimony among Believers especially if, like in 2017, the dates for Easter and Passover coincide."

What’s the big deal about idolatry?

Aaron writes, "But if I were to tell you that now, today, in 2017, the vast majority of people living in this world worship idols just as the vast majority of people in the ancient world did, you might not believe me."

Lessons on prayer from Israel Bowl X

Aaron writes, "But in all seriousness, the lesson about prayer I learned at Israel Bowl X was to keep in mind the things that are important to God and to try and focus my own thoughts and prayers on those things..."

What I learned about the Church while training to be an Israeli tour guide

Aaron writes, "It was just about the most fun I ever had, almost like a two-year working vacation. I learned a lot about all aspects of the history, culture, geography etc. of this country. But one of the most important lessons I learned was about the Church of Jesus Christ."

Be narrow-minded

Aaron writes, "I’m old enough (barely) to remember a time when there were worse things one could be accused of than being “narrow-minded.” But in this season of human history we’re in, that seems to be the ultimate sin."

How to (and how NOT to) run with endurance

Aaron writes, "Spiritual fitness is just like physical fitness, it takes discipline to maintain a daily routine and a willingness to sacrifice other things which are less important so one will have time for what is needed for achieving a desired goal."

All things work together for good

Aaron writes, "Have you ever heard of a battleship called the Goeben? There’s no particular reason why you should have, but this ship played a tiny yet incredibly important role in the formation of the modern Nation-State of Israel. It happened like this..."

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