Aaron Hecht

Aaron is a member of Jerusalem Assembly, House of Redemption. Aaron is a member of Jerusalem Assembly, House of Redemption.

Some thoughts on the schism between Israel and American Jews

Aaron writes, "The modern State of Israel, with all of its imperfections and faults, is a project of the God of the Bible. I’m not a prophet, but I predict that as we move forward fewer and fewer people, Jewish or not, who don’t believe in the God of the Bible are going to support Israel or even not be opposed to it."

Some gift ideas for Chr…er…Hanuk…um…DECEMBER!

Aaron writes, "Regular readers of this blog will know that I’m really passionate about three things, the Bible, my family and fitness. The gifts I want to suggest for your consideration cover these three areas."

Hold fast to your “why”

Aaron writes, "More and more these days, I’m understanding why the writers of the New Testament compared the life of a follower of Jesus Christ to the life of an athlete."

Pride comes before the fall, which comes before Redemption

Aaron writes, "So, if you are reading this and wondering how to pray for Israel in this situation, pray that these people will stop being so proud of their technology and instead humble themselves before God..."

Does Israel’s democracy even matter anymore?

Aaron writes, "Traditionally, Israel has argued that Western countries should support it because it is “the only true democracy in the Middle East.” That used to garner a lot of sympathy in Western countries, but it’s becoming less and less relevant for several reasons."

Remembering why we’re here

Aaron writes, "You can’t grow closer to Jesus Christ by studying the spiritual and/or theological teachings of people who reject the New Testament in general and specifically the Gospel of Jesus Christ."

To whom will He say, ‘I never knew you’?

Aaron writes, "One of the most difficult (and most abused) passages in the entire Bible is Matthew 7:22-24, which says..."

Could this possibly be “it”?

Aaron writes, "My advice, for whoever wants it, is that we should do the same thing we should be doing if none of these scary things were happening..."

An open letter to Holy Land pilgrims

Aaron writes, "It’s a joy and a blessing to have these people come and enrich our meetings with their presence. But occasionally, there are issues that come up and I would like to address a few of those issues."

Some thoughts on “Babylon”

Aaron writes, "I take that to mean that we should, as much as we possibly can, un-plug ourselves from 'Babylon' and a good place to start is to simply stop consuming what the world calls 'entertainment'..."