Chris Mitchell

Chris Mitchell
Chris is CBN News Middle East Bureau Chief based in Jerusalem. Chris is CBN News Middle East Bureau Chief based in Jerusalem.

VIDEO: Jerusalem Dateline – Elections: Who Will Be Israel’s Next Prime Minister?

From CBN News' Jerusalem Bureau this week: Israel heading for elections – who will be the next Prime Minister? plus a new book: ":ISIS Exposed"; and a look at Boko Haram’s victims; and running barefoot in the steps of Jesus through the streets of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Dateline – Netanyahu Tells Congress Iran Deal = Bad Deal

From CBN News' Jerusalem Bureau this week: Netanyahu addresses Congress on Iran – the speech heard around the world; plus a new documentary on Exodus – did the biblical story really happen? And Israelis celebrate Purim and the deliverance of the ...

VIDEO: Jerusalem Dateline — Egypt: U.S. playing double game in terror war

This week on Jerusalem Dateline: Egypt strikes back after ISIS beheads 21 Coptic Christians; plus a “double game” what Egypt says about Obama’s "war on terror”; and safe haven – why Christians are joining the IDF to fight for ... ...

VIDEO: Jerusalem Dateline –The Brutality of ISIS – Did They Go Too Far?

From CBN News this week: The brutality of ISIS: did they finally go too far? Plus is the Obama administration working to defeat Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu in upcoming elections? And American Christians stand FIRM for the Jewish state.

Jerusalem Dateline: Macabre, Hellish ISIS

Just the pictures chilled the soul. A lone Jordanian pilot took his last steps on earth to a cage fit for an animal but made for a man.

VIDEO: Jerusalem Dateline – January 16, 2015

This week on Jerusalem Dateline: The Jewish victims of last week's French terror attacks are buried in Jerusalem. Plus, will French Jews return to Israel? Also, Egypt's president calls on Islam to reject radicalism. Finally, is the Bible fact or fiction? A new film examines the Exodus.

Investing in Israel: Fanning the Entrepreneur Spirit

A report and embedded video on how CBN Israel is working to create opportunities for Messianic Jews and Christian Arabs in Israel to develop their own businesses. Investing in Israel is a way to bless the Jewish people.