Kehila News Israel Staff

Kehila News Israel Staff
The Kehila News Staff is a team of Israeli believers in Yeshua. The Kehila News Staff is a team of Israeli believers in Yeshua.

Wife of terror victim: Pray for my husband

The wife of a man seriously injured in a terror attack on Friday is calling for prayer for her husband who remains in intensive care with a head injury.

Terror victim wife lobbies US: end Palestinian payments to perps

Months after her husband was killed along with his sister and father by a terrorist at their Shabbat dinner, Michal Salomon met with White House officials and U.S. congressmen to voice her outrage that the terrorist’s family would receive money from the Palestinian Authority.

Saudi orders Palestinian PM to accept peace with Israel

Israel’s Channel 10 is reporting that Saudi Arabia ordered Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to accept the Trump administration’s Israel-Palestinian peace plan when it it released — or resign.

VIDEO: Program prepares young believers for army service

Matan shares about "Hetzim" (Arrows in Hebrew), a pre-military preparatory program for young people before they are drafted into the Israel Defense Forces (IDF)....

‘Hetzim’ prepares young Messianic Israelis for army — and for life

Just as an arrow is sharpened before it is released to reach its target, the Hetzim program, run by Netivah, aims to sharpen participants and prepare them for challenges they may face in the military.

VIDEO: KNI coverage of annual gathering of Jewish and Arab congregations from the Galilee...

For the past 30 years, Jewish and Arab believers from the Galilee region of Israel has gathered in unity to fellowship and worship God...

Ten clay ‘fetuses’ and one brave young woman

Noya Barel, a graduate of her high school's art department in northern Israel, raised a few eyebrows and moved many to compassion when she presented her final project at a national exhibition.

WATCH: Live stream of Vision for Israel Sukkot Celebration

From Oct. 8 to 10, VFI, led by Barry and Batya Segal, will host a conference for both locals and anyone visiting from the nations who enjoy worshipping the Lord. Click here to watch the live stream of the celebration.

VIDEO: KNI coverage of Panai el-Adonai: Messianic Concert in Jerusalem, Israel on Sept 26,...

A body-wide concert of Israeli Messianic believers was held in Jerusalem on Sept 26, 2017. The event entitled "Panai el-Adonai" (“My face towards the Lord” from Daniel 9:3) brought together the Messianic community to worship and intercede with songs from all over Israel.

US reiterates recognition of Israel as condition for peace

While lauding reconciliation talks between Palestinian rival factions, the American special envoy to the Middle East called on any future Palestinian government to recognize Israel and reject violence.

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