Kehila News Israel Staff

Kehila News Israel Staff
The Kehila News Staff is a team of Israeli believers in Yeshua. The Kehila News Staff is a team of Israeli believers in Yeshua.

Believing artist holds ‘jubilee’ exhibit of his work in Jerusalem

"Amid the hustle and bustle of Passover week in Jerusalem when the city is thronging with tourists and traffic jams, an art gallery became a small island of tranquility with a pastoral Scandinavian theme."

Israel, India sign economic deals and ‘seize the future’ together

The historic visit, the first ever by an Indian prime minister, was marked by several days of discussion on technology, economic policies and security issues and was highlighted by the signing of several deals that reflect broadening commercial ties.

Israel monitoring rockets in Golan from Syria, won’t accept disruption of peace and security

Despite several days of sporadic, errant rockets from fighting in Syria landing in the Golan Heights, Israel's Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman reassured the country that it was back to "business as usual" for Israel's northern region.

Brazilian judges admire Israeli legal system

Without any fanfare or media commotion, a major visit took place here in Israel this spring when a delegation of approximately 50 federal judges from the high courts of Brazil visited the Jewish state.

Israel on high alert near Syrian border after weekend shelling

Israeli warplanes struck military positions in Syria after shells from the war-torn nation landed in the Golan Heights on Saturday, most likely errantly, sparking retaliatory strikes by the IDF.

Messianic soldiers conference encourages new enlistees to honor God

Netivah recently held a conference for Messianic high school seniors to meet with IDF soldiers in order to speak with them and ask questions about military service as they are about to be drafted themselves in the coming months.

Anti-missionaries demonstrate against Messianic publisher at book fair

Yad L'Achim, the Jewish anti-missionary organization, published an article recently against the Messianic publishing house HaGefen (The Vine) for “daring” to sell its books to the public during the Hebrew Book Week Fair in Rishon LeZion.

Israeli Border policewoman killed during Ramadan attack in Jerusalem

A Border Police officer was killed in a stabbing attack as she responded to a shooting outside the Old City of Jerusalem's Damascus Gate on Friday night as Muslims were breaking their fast during their holy month of Ramadan.

Protest on opening night of Jerusalem Encounter conference

The first night of the Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries (FIRM) Jerusalem Encounter conference was marred by a short and minor protest by some orthodox Jews who were in the same building.

Messianic moshav hosts holiday market for Shavuot

On June 2, residents hosted the "Shavuot Fair" in the main square of the moshav. Residents, guests from the guesthouse at Yad Hashmona and people from neighboring towns enjoyed a market full of home delicacies...

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