Paul Calvert

Paul Calvert

LISTEN: Interview about St. George’s College in Jerusalem

Paul Calvert of Focus on Israel-Radio interviews Gregory Jenks, Dean of St. George’s College, Jerusalem.

VIDEO: Interview with David Suchet on recent visit to Israel

Paul Calvert of Focus On Israel-Radio speaks with David Suchet, a well-known English actor and believer. David is visiting Israel and talking to Christians, Muslims and Jews to get their point of view and find out where they stand on the challenging issues.

LISTEN: Interview about Nazareth Village

Paul Calvert of Focus On Israel-Radio speaks with Amer Nicola about Nazareth Village, a village recreated to show how Jesus would have lived.

LISTEN: Interview with Team Support Ministry about Evangelism and Visiting Israel

Paul from Bethlehem Voice interviewed Josh Raybold from Team Support Ministry, an evangelistic organisation which has a passion to preach the gospel and has a heart for Israel. Listen to the interview here.

Shimon Peres Remembered

Paul Calvert spoke with Gidon Ariel about Shimon Peres, his work for peace, the impact of his political career, who he was as a man and what he means to the State of Israel.

LISTEN: Interview with Israeli Ambassador to Great Britain

Paul interviewed the Israeli Ambassador to Great Britain, Mark Regev and talks with about what is it like being the ambassador for Israel and about the threats Israel is facing today.

LISTEN: Interview with Member of Board of Deputies of British Jews

Paul from Focus on Israel Radio interviewed Stephen Jaffe, who represents the Belfast Jewish community on the UK Board of Deputies. Stephen explains what the Board of Deputies is and talks with Paul about all kinds of issues Israel is facing at the moment.

LISTEN: Interview with Jerusalem City Councillor on Recent Rise in Terror Attacks

Paul from Focus on Israel Radio interviewed Jerusalem Councillor Aryeh King, and talked with him about the recent rise in terror attacks.

Suicide In Israel

Paul spoke with David Koren, the Executive Director from ERAN, which is Israel's only emotional first aid service, providing a confidential 24-hour hotline, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Supporting The Emergency Services In Israel

Paul spoke with Nathalie Blackham, the Executive Director of Christian Friends of Magen David Adom, to find out about the work MDA do and why Christian Friends of Magen David Adom was formed.