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VIDEO: Join us for Shavout – prayer and fasting event

Join us for our annual prayer and fasting Shavout event. May 30th 7pm- 1am (Israel time)

VIDEO: Free from guilt, Don Finto’s testimony

Don Finto shares his personal testimony about being freed from guilt and receiving the self image of Yeshua.

VIDEO: Kadosh Elohim

Listen to a worship song from the Esther Fast prayer 2017.

VIDEO: After the fires in Israel

Youval takes you out to what used to be beautiful nature outsides Jerusalem but is now dust and ashes.

VIDEO: Personal experience from Global Gathering Jerusalem

Tal shares on her experience being part of the worship team during the Global Gathering in Jerusalem 2016.

VIDEO: California Outreach Recap

We sent our international director Cody Archer and Matias, a young worship leader from Jerusalem to California to minister for 20 days. They have...

VIDEO: Winter Discipleship Intensive

This winter from December 1, 2016 – January 25, 2017, there will be an 8-week discipleship intensive hosted by our friends at the Jerusalem Hills Inn for English-speaking believers of all ages.

VIDEO: Arab & Jewish Prayer in Israel

This weekend Arab and Jewish leaders will come together for the Feast of trumpets to pray and seek the Lord in intercession.

VIDEO: Calling a 40 day Fast

A grassroots group of believing teens and young adults in Israel are calling for a 40 day period of prayer and fasting from Saturday September 3rd to Wednesday October 12th. They are seeking to "turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to the fathers" (Malachi 4:6).

VIDEO: Beit HaYeshua – Outreach to Alcohol and Drug Addicts

Hear about the work God is doing in Israel to reach out to drug and Alcohol addicts to bring them out of drugs and into the body of Yeshua in Israel.

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