Biblical Teachings

Teaching articles written by Israeli believers in Yeshua on a variety of bible-related subjects.

A new creation and a new name

Eric writes, "So, we see Adam named all creation and now we read that Yeshua would give those who overcome a new name. But the prophesies don’t end there..."

Rejoice! And again I say, rejoice!

Howard writes, "God dwells within and with those who have accepted the Lord’s sacrifice on the cross that historic Passover, and we can daily remember His care and provision for us all the years as we sojourn towards that promised city of the New Jerusalem..."

LISTEN: Revelation 12: War in Heaven

Last week we started a series on idolatry; this presents a challenge to all of us. As we continue, in the context of the Feast of Michael and All Angels, Rev. David Pileggi exhorts us that book of Revelation is to be read and cherished.

The temporal and eternal

Jeremiah writes, "The themes of life and our interaction with material pleasure presented by Kohelet seem out of place for the joyous holiday of Sukkot."

The final fall celebration – ‘Simchat Torah’

David writes, "We are now in the midst of the final Moed (Feast) of the LORD - Sukkot or the Feast of Tabernacles. Sukkot ends at sunset of the 7th day which is Wednesday, and the next day is also a Holy festival called Simchat Torah or the Joy of the Torah."

Simchat Torah and the Law of Messiah

Howard writes, "The Law of Messiah is superior to that of Moses, and the love which is God’s will eternally be lived out in those who love Him! May we see the Lord’s return in our generation!"

Time and geography

Asher writes, "To worship in spirit and truth, no geography or time is needed. To worship internationally, there is no need of any ethnic identity. Yet the acknowledgment that salvation comes from the Jews remains as a fact of divine covenant."

Isaiah 53 – The forbidden chapter

Eitan writes, "That’s why today when we read Isaiah 52, we stop in the middle of the chapter and the week after we jump straight to Isaiah 54. What happened to Isaiah 53, you might be wondering? That is exactly what this article is about."

The Fall Appointed Times pointing to the eternal

Eric writes, "However, when we read and study these days in the full context of Scripture, we learn that the most important component of these days is not about the here and now, but about the eternal."

Commentary on Sukkot – A great reminder

Moran writes, "I love God’s appointed times; they are such a great reminder of the One who was, who is, and who is to come! They are also a great time for us to reflect on the past, be thankful in the present, and look forward to the future."

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