Biblical Teachings

Teaching articles written by Israeli believers in Yeshua on a variety of bible-related subjects.

Commentary on Parashat Mishpatim (Ordinances or statutes)

Moran writes, "First of all, the ancient Israelites understood that blood was connected to atonement, a cleansing of sin, and therefore, I am convinced that they would not have been horrified, but actually rather excited by it..."

The true light

Guy writes, "In the first chapter of John we read of a man sent from God to bear witness of the Light. Yeshua is the true Light which gives light to every person in the world. We go on to read that the world did not know him and that even His own did not receive Him (John 1:10-11)."

Deity vs divinity: Jesus and us

Howard writes, "I received a question, which perhaps others of you have, about the distinction between ‘divinity’ and ‘deity’. Even a good dictionary does not always make a clear distinction. For me, it is understood like this..."

Parashat Yitro: From My God to Our God

"In addition, in Parashat Yitro we bear witness to a big change in the Torah. There is a shift from a focus on individuals to a focus on the group. This is a huge change in how we perceive God."

Shifting seasons

Eitan writes, "While the meteorological winds bring shifts in season, geopolitical winds bring shifts in the climate of nations. Without question, we are living in times of shifting relationship among countries. One example is the recent thaw between Israel and Saudi Arabia. 'Who'd a thunk it?'"

It’s all about the people

Eric writes, "Imagine if you just experienced a long string of the most miraculous events in your life. Not little miracles, but huge, over-the-top experiences, supernatural healings, signs, and wonders."

Commentary on Parashat Yitro (Jethro)

Moran writes, "He did all this to be in relationship with Israel. In fact, this is the reason He created man in the first place! And Yeshua brings us back into a right relationship with the Almighty by cleansing us of our sin."

Meditating on Scripture

Arthur writes, "When a man is physically thirsty, he can be satisfied with a drink; but what about thirst of a different nature? When a man is spiritually thirsty where does he go?"

Zion is not a dirty word

"How did the word Zion become so sullied? The Psalms talk of Zion in glorious terms, but today it has a very different connotations."

Parashat Beshalach: Do miracles really build faith?

"All of this brings about an important question in our modern society: Where have all the miracles and wonders gone?"