Biblical Teachings

Teaching articles written by Israeli believers in Yeshua on a variety of bible-related subjects.

Thoughts on Sukkot

"By dwelling in sukkot every year, we are faced with the reality of our human frailty and immortality. Just like the sukkah, our earthly bodies are but temporary dwelling places."

Parashat Sukkot

Jonathan writes, "So if we are surrounded by the bounty of the harvest and HaShem's many blessings, why does our text tell us to be 'nothing but joyful'?"

Krazy glue your marriage

Boaz writes, "Notice that the Bible does not say that a woman must glue herself to her husband. That’s not her job. It’s a husband’s job to cling to his wife, not her job to cling to him. How does he practically do that?"

The Cloud of Glory and the Transfiguration

"In the Torah, the cloud of glory conceals the Shechinah, the Dwelling Presence of the LORD. The same cloud lead Israel in the wilderness, descended on Mount Sinai, and settled upon the Tabernacle."

Apple of his eye

Wendy writes, "Eyesight is precious and needs to be protected. In the Bible there is a phrase to describe this sensitive part of the body: 'the apple of the eye'."

LISTEN: Interview “A Storm is Coming” with Understanding the Times Radio

Amir’s recent interview with Jan Markell’s of Olive Tree Ministries. Amir talks about his two upcoming conference messages, “Where is America in Bible Prophecy?”...

God’s calendar: The true meaning of Yom Kippur

Amir’s commentary on Leviticus 23:27 and Yom Kippur.

Atoning without blood?

Orna writes, "Is it possible? Can anyone atone for sins and receive forgiveness without the shedding of pure blood?"

Revealing the untaught truth about the one new man

Richard writes, "It is this blood of Yeshua that created the one new man. But the great mystery that has not been taught about the one new man comes from what is contained in Yeshua’s perfect sinless blood."

The fall feasts of the LORD – Yom Kippur

David writes, "The next appointed time is Yom Kippur or the Day of Atonement... It is the most solemn day of the year for most Jewish people, but sadly there is no atonement available to the Jews or anyone else, apart from the blood of Yeshua."

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