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Teaching articles written by Israeli believers in Yeshua on a variety of bible-related subjects.

LISTEN: God’s judgment on the wheat and tares – Matthew 13

Rev. David Pileggi says that Jesus parables give different facets of the Kingdom of Heaven: its King, its people & and community, its power, etc. The parable of the wheat and tares talks about the community of God and how it contains those who look like they belong but they do not.

Fanning the flame… or just getting by?

Eitan, "On a recent summer evening in the foothills below Jerusalem I stood under the chuppah wedding canopy with an Israeli princess bride and her prince charming. The chuppah is just about my favorite place to be in the universe. Why?"

Commentary on Parashat Ekev (Because of )

Moran writes, "God’s choosing of, and His love for Israel was never conditional; those were the basis of His covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. What was conditional, however, was the intensity of blessing that Israel would experience if they loved and obeyed God with all their hearts."

Thoughts on Parashat Eikev

Michael writes, "While discipline and judgement of sin and iniquity will surly come, Israel will not be left alone or abandoned, she is and always will be the chosen, am segula of ADONAI."

Parashat Ekev – Deut. 7:12 – 11:25

Jonathan writes, "The prophets pick up the theme of the invulnerability of G-d's people. In a well-known set of verses, Isaiah emphasises that this is not a property or function of the people, but of G-d Himself..."

Why bother reading the lists in the Bible?

"You don’t have to go far in either the Hebrew Scriptures or the New Testament before you hit them – those lists of unpronounceable names! ... Do we really have to bother with these lists? Is it so bad to just skip them?"

There’s more to God than mercy

"God desires your healing, but the exhortation here is that making our “paths” straight is our responsibility and has a direct influence on our healing."

Israel and the nations: A theological opinion (Part 1)

Ron writes, "It is interesting that the Church went from saying, “You can’t be Jewish and believe in Jesus,” to, “All believers are Jewish.” Which is it? What does the Bible actually say?"

Was Paul right about women?

Eli writes, "Paul’s solution, therefore, was not to exclude half of the congregation from exercising the gifts of the Spirit, but rather to make sure that it was done in a respectful, proper and orderly fashion."

The greatest miracle since the resurrection of Yeshua

David writes, "If the restoration of sick person is a miracle, then the resurrection of a dead land and 6.5 million 'dead' people is indeed the greatest miracle the world has seen since the resurrection of Yeshua."

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