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Teaching articles written by Israeli believers in Yeshua on a variety of bible-related subjects.

Replacement Theology: The theology I didn’t know I had

"The glory of the Gospel and the Kingdom of God is displayed to the world when we (Israel and the Church) preserve the beauty of our various callings, while also having a unity only the Holy Spirit can create. The one is not meant to replace the other, they are meant to work together."

Thoughts on Parashat Vayeitzei

Michael writes, "For just a moment, however, I would like to return to the end of Toldot and see two different views of how Jacob started his journey. First, there are Rebekah’s words to Jacob..."

Commentary on Parashat Vayeizei (And He Went Forth)

Moran writes, "Jacob’s dream is so rich and much can be (and has been) written on it. One of the most important parts of this dream that I would like to point out has to do with God affirming, once again..."

The magnitude of Caesarea and an important life lesson

Eric writes, "This week, I am beginning a tour of Israel and our first stop after leaving Ben Gurion airport we loaded our bus and headed north to visit our first stop of the day, Caesarea by the Sea. What an amazing site filled with so many wonderful archaeological remnants! As I walked through the amphitheater and the hippodrome, I marveled at the amazing architecture and the immense structures that we built under the leadership of Herod the Great (not really a great guy but a great builder). The seaport that once stood on this site was a tremendous achievement, especially without modern equipment and technology. Yet, with all the size and magnitude of Caesarea, my thoughts went to the fact that Roman rule over the Promised Land was what made it possible for these structures and aqueducts to be constructed. Caesarea is just one of the many Roman cities that once stood in Israel. This journey through this historic site made me remember again one of the most important lessons that I have learned over my years of Biblical studies. It's a lesson that has for over 30 years provided a viewpoint that allows me to walk through or deal with some of the largest issues and problems. This single thought has allowed me to handle death, financial downfalls, loss of friendships, and natural disasters. Good things don’t happen as a result of bad things or even to counteract bad things. Good things happen regardless of bad things happening. The evil Roman leader Herod didn’t come to power so that he could build an amazing city that would one day be the location of Peter’s message to a righteous gentile Roman officer, named Cornelius, nor was the Roman city Caesarea Philippi, with its multiple pagan temples, built so that one day Yeshua could ask Peter the question, “Who do you say that I am?” No, not at all! G-D does not need evil to happen so that He can do something good. Rather, in G-D’s amazing awesome greatness, grace, and mercy He works good even though some people perform acts of immense evil. In other words, G-D didn’t require Roman sin to bring a Jewish redeemer to Israel and He also didn’t need a Roman to sin so that the message of Yeshua would be preached to the Nations. The promise of redemption being preached to the Nations was given in covenant to Abraham. From the very beginning of Genesis, we are also provided the prophetic covenant promise of a Jewish redeemer for Israel. I once heard someone proclaim that the horrors of the Holocaust took place because that was G-D's plan to re-establish Israel and without the Holocaust, Israel would not exist as a nation today. This is not only wrong thinking, but it also forces one to believe that G-D caused the death of 6 million Jews because He needed evil to take place to accomplish good. The truth is that Israel exists not as a response to evil, but because of the covenantal promises of G-D. Had the Holocaust not taken place, Israel would still exist because Israel was promised to be reborn. So, as we view the remnants of the Roman cities that once stood within the boundaries of the Promised Land, we should rightly marvel at the magnificent structures that once stood on those plots of land. But, we should marvel even more at the magnificence of the absolute covenantal promises that our G-D provided in His Word. These promises are so sure and so powerful that nothing man could ever think to build, no matter how ungodly, could prevent G-D’s promises from being fulfilled. By the way, this truth is absolute even when it comes to promises G-D has made in His Word to you. There is nothing you can ever do that would be so evil or so large that your actions can keep Him from fulfilling His promises."

The mystery of the rapture of Yeshua’s bride

Richard writes, "Could this coming winter once again be the time for the Liberation of Jerusalem (and Israel), but this time from Islam?"

LISTEN: Matthew 23: The significance of detail

Rev. David Pileggi looks at today’s gospel passage, in which Jesus rebukes the religious leaders of two thousand years ago; but this passage is also for the Church. What causes us to stumble in this passage?

Parashat Toldot: Jacob, a Dweller in Tents

This Shabbat we will read and study the weekly Torah portion, “Parashat Toldot.” The Torah portions from Genesis are rich in information and details....

Living as an outsider in the land

Eric writes, "One of the wonderful things about reading through the Bible is that the more you read it, the more things you find within its pages. No matter how many times you read a verse or a series of verses, because the Bible is a living document, there will always be more to learn..."

Praying for government leaders

Asher writes, "I encourage you to choose a small number of key leaders, and pray for them daily in a focused way. God will tilt them, turn them, bend them, cause them to make right decisions..."

The workman’s hire

"Should teachers of the gospel be paid for their teaching, or should they teach without compensation?"

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