Biblical Teachings

Teaching articles written by Israeli believers in Yeshua on a variety of bible-related subjects.


Parashat Beshalach: Do miracles really build faith?

"All of this brings about an important question in our modern society: Where have all the miracles and wonders gone?"

Replacement Theology is intellectually dishonest (or plain dumb!)

Ron writes, "Forgive me for the frank title, but in this instance, it is accurate. Replacement theology is the belief that the Jewish rejection of Jesus resulted in God rejecting Israel, in favor of the Church."

Victory and persecution in Revelation

Asher writes, "So which is it? Revival or persecution? Victory or tribulation? The answer of course is “both.” There is revival in the midst of persecution; victory in the midst of tribulation."

Ezekiel’s dry bones prophecy about Israel coming back to life

"The restoration of the people of Israel to their biblical homeland is one of the events most frequently prophesied about in the Bible. In his earnest studies of biblical prophecy back in the 1600s, Sir Isaac Newton wrote..."

If Yeshua was G-D, how did He die?

Eric writes, "As a Jewish believer in Yeshua (Jesus) and a Messianic Rabbi, one of the most often asked questions I receive is, "If Yeshua was G-D, how did He die? After all, G-D is eternal, isn’t He?'"

A disciple and his rabbi

"To what can we compare the relationship between a first century rabbi and his disciples? Yeshua used different metaphors to describe it."

3 principles of Biblical leadership from 1 Peter 5

Ariel writes, "In John 21:15-17, the resurrected Yeshua commands Peter 3 times: “Tend my lambs… shepherd my sheep…. tend my sheep.” Peter was a bold, strong man destined to be a great leader of God’s people."

Commentary on Parashat Beshalach (When He sent)

Moran writes, "Maybe you are a follower of Messiah who received the “first” redemption through faith in Yeshua and, like the Children of Israel, you keep looking backward to your old “secure” place instead of setting your eyes on what is to come."

True prosperity

Wendy writes, "In the Kingdom of God, true prosperity, abundance and security are found through a different perspective on life."

Parashat Bo – Do we have free will (part 2)

"God looks at what is inside of us, at what cannot be faked, at our renewed lives in Yeshua, who transforms us into the light of the world."