Biblical Teachings

Teaching articles written by Israeli believers in Yeshua on a variety of bible-related subjects.

LISTEN: John 10: The Good Shepherd

Rev. Aaron Eime reminds us that in the lectionary, Easter is not a one-day event but a four-week season, a time of reflection on the teaching of Jesus, now that we know he is alive.

Dream: Affections of this world

Asher writes, "I had a dream recently in which I was going through a series of spiritual tests over and over again. I was totally dismayed and tired of having to go through so many tests. I knew the goal was to get to total and perfect obedience, but…"

Blessings of Siferat HaOmer to you

Sandra writes, "We thank and praise God for His past, present, and future agricultural and other provision. In that sense, you could say we count our blessings as omer."

Counting down the omer

Dustin writes, "We are currently in the Jewish season of “Counting the Omer.” This is a time where the Jewish people practice something very similar to what my wife and I did with our sticky notes, but where we counted sticky notes, they count the omer."

Is the New Testament really anti-Semitic?

"Rabbi Daniel Asor explains the reason for hating the New Testament as follows: 'The New Testament is an anti-Semitic book, with plots against the Jews.' So, is the New Testament truly anti-Semitic?"

Afraid of the dark?

"Ever been afraid of the dark? It’s natural to be afraid of what we cannot see, but the shadows flee when exposed to the light."

Catching someone or catching something – the choice is yours

Eric writes, "While this story does show the love Yeshua had for both G-D’s Word and for people and the mercy that is inherent within the Torah, there is a much larger too often missed lesson in this story and it is key to understanding a much greater problem than the woman’s adulterous behavior."

Thoughts on Parashat Acharei Mot-Kedoshim

Michael writes, "Leviticus 19 and 20, which is known in Jewish and Christian circles alike as the Holiness Code, defines actions and attitudes of relationships within the family and the community, as well as those between man and the LORD."

Parashat Acharei Mot – Lev. 16:1 – 18:30

Jonathan writes, "Like the patriarchs, we must always have in mind the eternal city to which we have been called; that alone will endure, while the current age, fashion and culture will pass like the wind."

Evangelism and envisioning revival

Daniel writes, "I wonder if some of what I see as imbalance in the Messianic Jewish movement is due to our need for an outpouring of the Spirit of evangelism. There is a concern about authenticity..."

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