Torah Teachings

Commentaries on the weekly Torah portions.

Parashat Shemini (Eight)

Moran writes, "Where are you today? Is there anything in your life that is keeping you from being holy and set apart to the Lord? Are you offering a “foreign fire” to the Lord that could separate you from Him?"

Thoughts on Parashat Shemini

Michael writes, "Imagine for a moment —the Exodus is past, the Covenant has been sealed at Sinai, the Tabernacle has been meticulously constructed, the priesthood ordained and the ritual life of Bnei-Yisrael begun with the very visible presence and acceptance of Hashem."

Commentary on Parashat Shemini

Joseph writes, "There is a second story in chapter 10 of Leviticus. Yes, Nadab and Abihu sinned with the strange fire, but their other two brothers Eleazar and Ithamar who were also priests and sons of Aaron sinned in a much more serious way and yet nothing happened to them."

Parashat Sh’mini – Lev. 9:1 – 11:47

Jonathan writes, "Notice how similar this is to our text: believers have been redeemed from lawlessness (as were the Israelites from Egypt) so that they might be Yeshua's possession, a people of His own, who are eager to obey Him and do the right thing."

Pesach (Passover) reflections

Moran writes, "As we are on the theme of Passover, I thought about sharing some thoughts that may be a little different from the main reading."

A reading for Pesach

Jonathan writes, "What, then, is the significance of this for today? Simply that before moving on into G-d's future, He asks us to celebrate and acknowledge His past: the things that He has done, both through history and in our own lives."

Torah reading for Shabbat HaGadol (The Great Sabbath)

Joseph writes, "According to tradition, Elijah has a primary role in the Messianic age, for this reason just on the Sabbath before the deliverance from Egypt we call is: Shabbat HaGadol, the Great Sabbath, remembering the text of Malachi and the promise of God for the ultimate salvation and redemption of the whole World."

Thoughts on Parashat Tzav and Shabbat Hagadol

Michael writes, "Before anyone says that these are just antiquated Toraic laws that have no relevance on us today, consider the following..."

Parashat Tzav – Lev 6:1(8) – 8:38

Jonathan writes, "But there are times when G-d gives us a vision of what He wants to do and directs us to wait and prepare so that we are ready when He has worked everything into a straight line."

Commentary on Parashat Tzav (Command)

Moran writes, "As I was reading the chapter again and again, reflecting upon it, and talking to some good friends about it, I saw some very interesting things that I’d like to share, as I feel it will bring us a deeper appreciation of God’s character."

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