Torah Teachings

Commentaries on the weekly Torah portions.

Commentary Parashat Chayei Sarah (The Life of Sarah)

Moran writes, "Many times we overlook Sara’s life as we focus primarily on Abraham, his amazing story, the amazing promises that he received from God, and no doubt his amazing faith."

To the lost sheep of Israel

"Why did Yeshua tell His disciples to avoid Gentiles and preach the Gospel only to Jews?"

Commentary on Parashat Vayeira (And He Appeared)

Moran writes, "Yet, even with such great faith, I am sure Abraham did not expect what God was about to ask of him in verse 2..."

Thoughts on Parashat Vayeira

Michael writes, "This week’s parasha, Vayeira, ends with one of the most confusing narratives of the Tanakh, and at the same time, continues to give us insights into the intense faith of our first patriarch."

Commentary on Parashat Lech Lecha – Abraham, the Man of Faith

"Despite all these descriptions in the New Testament, the following verses show a response from Abraham that raises questions about his faith in God’s promise..."

Thoughts on Parashat Lech Lecha

Michael writes, "But, as is common to all humankind, Israel slipped, was disobedient to the mitzvot of the LORD, was disciplined and was taken into exile. In the Haftarah for Lech Lecha..."

Parashat Lekh Lekha (You Go)

This week’s reading brings us to some very important verses, which hold some of the most important, foundational principles in all of Scripture.

Thoughts on Parashat Noach

Michael writes, "There are times when we read this week’s account and wonder, how could the Creator of the Universe so judge humankind as to even regret making them."

Commentary on Parashat Noah

Moran writes, "What I admire most about Noah is his commitment to honoring God regardless of the cost. His righteousness was a result of his faith in God, which he then put into action."

Thoughts on Parashat Bereshit

Michael writes, "Recognizing that there are some things have not been revealed to us and that we must trust the LORD to know what is best is an act of faith. That does not mean that we cannot search out the unknown and ask questions, but it does mean that we may never find the answers for which we are looking."

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