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VIDEO: New books – A Lawyer’s Case for the Resurrection and A Lawyer’s Case...

Watch this short video previewing Jim Jacob's new books, A Lawyer's Case for the Resurrection and A Lawyer's Case for His Faith.

VIDEO: Steve Carpenter – Kiss the Son, brokenness

Steve Carpenter teaches at the Ascend Carmel 10-day program

VIDEO: God’s way of redeeming us

Simcha speaks about how God often uses the things which condemn us, to be the very things which redeem us.

Messianic Novel: Beginning From Moses And All The Prophets

In this book, the reader is transported back in time to walk along the road with the stranger and the two students of the Messiah, and eavesdrop on what that conversation may have been.

VIDEO: Mountain Top Encounters

Ascend participants describe their experience of the 10-day program.

New Messianic Novel: Never Forget – The Long Road Home

Set against the backdrop of the 1967 Six-Day War this poignant story traces the account of one Jewish Yeshua believing family across the centuries as they struggle to maintain their identity as both Jews and believers in the Risen Messiah Yeshua.

Fiction series about the need for American Jews to make aliyah

My wife Faith Christine Honorof has written four fiction books since 2013, all directed by the Holy Spirit for the purpose of the Jews to make Aliyah now. Read a description of the books in her own words.

VIDEO: Immanuel (Lyric Video)

Official Lyric Video for “Immanuel” from the new album "Every Tribe", which will be released on Friday, December 16, 2016.

VIDEO: King of Kings Ministries Promo

We are growing and moving forward every year. New ground is discovered, new relationships built & more of the love of Yeshua is being...

VIDEO: Behind the scenes of our new project “Messianic Prophecies vs. Rabbinic Objections” –...

Here is the list of topics: - Overview of the Messianic Prophecies in the Hebrew Scriptures. - Does the New Testament really teach the belief in 3 gods? - How can Jesus be the Messiah if there is still war? Isn't Messiah supposed to bring world peace? and many more...

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