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Reawakened Assyria, ‘Kexit’ and the Coming New Middle East

Joni writes, "Many people today consider the Middle East hopeless darkness! However, Isaiah 19:23-25 speaks of a physical highway, connecting Egypt to Israel to Assyria – three nations worshiping together, a ‘blessing’, dispelling the darkness."

Israel, British foreign policy and the Balfour Declaration: Part One

David writes, "In February 1920, Winston Churchill publicly affirmed his support for a Jewish national home in Palestine, writing in a British newspaper..."

A defining moment

Daniel writes, "The decision upon which we will focus here, was to affirm the Chief Rabbis as the ultimate determiners of the validity of conversions to Judaism and thus those who can define people as Jewish or not Jewish."

Australia can still lead the way

Stan writes, "One hundred years ago men from the Southern Hemisphere fighting under the flag of the British Empire opened the way for the Jews to come home."

Theodore Herzl’s Christian mentor

"Herzl may be the face of modern Zionism, but William Hechler is an unsung hero who also played an important role in helping to recreate the Jewish homeland."

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s threatened removal from office and how to pray

Sandra writes, "The prime minister’s present political crisis seems far more likely than others in the past to result in criminal indictment. At this writing, we can’t know for sure if God desires his tenure to continue... Ten key prayer points are indicated below..."

Worship and the Temple Mount

"The battle for Jerusalem is not just the subtitle of CBN’s recent docudrama about the recapturing of the Old City by the Jewish people. It is a spiritual wrestling match about who is truly God."

Temple Mount crisis is escalating as Tisha b’Av approaches: How to pray

Sandra writes, "Friday in Israel, the declared Day of Rage, will begin Thursday evening and night in the Americas. So today we are releasing a call, not for Christian rage, but for prayer for a 'day of the vengeance of our God' (Isaiah 34:8; 61:2) Here are 10 key points to consider as you pray."

Forever victims

In the last few days here in Jerusalem we’ve seen large demonstrations by two groups of people who claim to be protesting against the “injustice” that the Israeli government has subjected them to.

So you support the Palestinians?

Elhanan writes, "As Israeli followers of Messiah here, we all do our best to promote peace with our Arab neighbors, having friendly contact with them almost daily. Some of us take part in groups that meet together with Palestinians to forge friendly ties and understanding. But these churches who wish to punish us all here in Israel, are thoroughly counter-productive."

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