Israel & the Middle East

Articles related to current events in Israel other countries in the Middle East region.

The city of gold

Elhanan writes, "Jerusalem is the Golden City, her gold no mere reflection, but rather the glow of a rich ore emanating from her depths."

An historical perspective of the mess in Gaza

Jamie writes, "The Gaza situation seems like it has no good solution. With Hamas in power, a peaceful resolution appears impossible. In the meantime, please pray for wisdom and restraint on the part of Israel’s military leadership. Finally, pray that Hamas would be exposed to the Palestinians in Gaza as the primary source of their misery."

Israel – the 4000-year saga continues

David writes, "Nothing has changed over the last 4000 years when it comes to Israel and the Jewish people. There is always someone who the Devil influences to carry out his plan to destroy the people of God."

Uprising at the Gaza Border: Could it lead to spiritual breakthrough?

Sandra writes, "Today, we believe God to remember His Word concerning His enemies during Israel’s second (and present) return from exile and restoration. We also keep in mind and heart that we do not battle or pray against flesh and blood, but against evil forces and demonic entities who are common enemies."

A Jew and a Christian: How together they changed history

Shira writes, "There is not an Israeli school child anywhere in the world who has not heard of Theodore Herzl—the Father of Modern Israel. But few people—in or out of Israel—have ever heard of William Hechler."

Modern Israel is turning 70. What’s the big deal?

Ron's writes, "God is the author of the times and dates, and He has woven a beautiful mosaic that will result in a great harvest in Israel and in the nations."

Analysis: Palestinian ‘March of Return’ a battle disguised as protest

Hamas officially launches its six-week-long "March of Return" on Friday morning. It's the Islamic terror group's latest iteration of a decades-long war against Israel – the 2018 version.

What does it mean to me that Israel exists for 70 years already

Cookie writes, "Modern day Israel is one of the great miracles of our time. It is the culmination of centuries of longing in the heart of the Jewish soul and also proof of the prophetic promise that God would return His people to their land from the four corners of the earth."

YHVH’s reverse psychology – The best is yet to come!

David writes, "What I am talking about here is nothing new - it goes all the way back to ancient Egypt. The leaders in Egypt saw the Hebrews prospering, even under their cruel slavery and mistreatment of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob's descendants."

God’s greatest sign to the generation

Shira writes, "I believe there is no greater proof of a God in Heaven than the existence of the modern state of Israel. Israel is God's time clock."