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We stand together to remember and honor

K.J. writes, "The eleventh-grade class took it upon themselves to meet with survivors from Poland, the Ukraine, Czechoslovakia, Italy, and other countries."

Reliving the miracle of Israel’s rebirth

Uzi writes, "I am counted as one of the first generation of Israeli Jews born in free Israel after the rebirth of a people 2,000 years in exile. What a privilege!"

Israel turns 69, and she’s looking good!

Moti writes, "You can clearly see the hand of God concerning Israel’s progression as a country, all while focusing on building a national home for the Jewish people after 2,000 years of exile."

You turned my mourning into dancing

Orna writes, "Monday morning a siren will be heard throughout the country, and we will all stand at attention in their honor, and as darkness dawns, Independence Day celebrations will begin...How can you switch, from one moment to another, from an entire array of difficult feelings, painful ones, so powerful, to joy, dancing and fireworks?"

Israel Independence Day 2017: Relative time in Jerusalem

Elhanan writes, "Unexpected by most of the world’s religions and nations, the remnant of the exiled and scattered Jewish people have returned to the very city from which they were exiled nearly 2000 years ago."

Israel – of God or not of God?

Howard writes, "The one, true, living God of Heaven and Earth is fulfilling His Word and plan for His holy name’s sake, and against all opposition to Him — including unbelief."

Israel has no right to exist, Palestinian factions agree

Tzippe writes, "For years, Hamas and Fatah have talked about reconciling and forming a unity government, but disputes between the two factions continue. They do, however, agree on one thing: Israel has got to go."

Hidden children from the Holocaust

Orna writes, "This amazing story illustrates what is happening to the people of Israel in these last days. God is walking in our midst, often times through Gentiles who love us, and contrary to all we have perceived for two thousand years..."

Why does Israel mark Holocaust Remembrance on a different day?

"The world marks Holocaust Remembrance Day on 27th January, the date that Auschwitz was liberated. But in Israel, we mark it on 27th day of the Hebrew month of Nisan, fixed in the Jewish calendar. Why are they different?"

The war, Jerusalem and the King, the stumbling stone

Elhanan writes, "As a new and virulent form of anti-Semitism resurges, so the war burns against Christianity, Christians, and the Christ, who is a Jew of the Jews."

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