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The beloved city

K.J. writes, "So this week when we are in school and someone quotes the beloved words, "The Temple Mount is in our hands," I will have to swallow the lump in my throat and thank God for bringing us home to our city, to our inheritance, whole and free once again."

A pivotal week for the USA and Israel

David writes, "By the time you are reading this comment, President Trump will be on his way back to the White House. Once he is back at his desk in the Oval Office he will have some serious decisions to consider."

Analysis of Trump visit to Israel

Ron writes, "As Force One took off Wednesday from Ben Gurion Airport, ending the President’s 28-hour whirlwind trip to Israel, Israelis were not sure what to make of his trip. After visiting the center of Islam, Saudi Arabia, and the heart of Judaism, Jerusalem, he headed to the Vatican to meet with the Pope."

Who will stand on his head for her?

Orna writes, "What can I say in your honor, Jerusalem, that hasn’t already been said? Everyone wants to crown you and say “she’s mine”, or “I was here first.” Is there a place left on your head for me to set some crowns of my own?"

Jerusalem Day

Howard writes, "It is clear now for many years already that this did not bring the “times of the Gentiles” to fulfillment. Jerusalem is still being trampled under foot by the Gentile powers..."

Six days – The battle for Jerusalem and the Holy Land

Elhanan writes, "Fifty years ago at this time the City of David, of Solomon and Hezekiah, of Isaiah and Jeremiah and Paul and Peter and Jesus was delivered back into the hands of the Jewish people after a two thousand year hiatus."

Can Israel be both Jewish and democratic?

The question “Can Israel be both Jewish and democratic” was asked of a panel of experts (both American and Israeli) during this year’s American Israel Public Affairs Committee Conference.

The miraculous restoration of Jerusalem in 1967

"As controversial as the 1967 Six-Day War still is with all the subsequent fallout, the sheer number of “coincidences” that happened show that these events have God’s fingerprints all over them."

Trump’s trip to the Mideast – Fraught with pitfalls

Jamie writes, "Now, the self-proclaimed deal making president is about to launch another attempt. Unlike previous presidents, this one could actually do serious damage."

Jordan calls killing of terrorist a “heinous crime”

Ron writes, "But the Jordanians seem to think calling someone a terrorist is fine if it is ISIS or Al Qaeda attacking Muslims, but one of their own, attacking a Jew is not terrorism..."

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