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Anti-semitism: Where did it come from?

Shira writes, "When I moved to Israel in 1967 right after the Six-Day War, I became aware of a cultural sensitivity far removed from the consciousness of the people of Texas, where I grew up."

The US Embassy is not in Jerusalem for these historical reasons – and other...

Sandra writes, "The UN did not intend to internationalize Jerusalem permanently. The Partition Plan provided for a city-wide referendum within ten years, allowing local residents to decide the fate of their city. But this referendum never took place. Why?"

If, when and why to expect massive aliyah to Israel

So what should we be expecting? Whether the process is gradual or sudden, scripture is clear as to what is surely coming: Aliyah will take place, in due course, from all nations where Jews have found temporary residence.

American and Israeli exceptionalism

Jamie writes, "Being exceptional means exhibiting traits and treating others in ways that others desire to emulate. As followers of Yeshua, when we do these things, it brings glory to God. For nations that have been called by God, it means acting in ways that lead to a better world."

Apartheid/Apart-hood? Better together!

"At a time when the UN is falsely trying to accuse Israel of ‘Apartheid’ (which literally means ‘apart-hood’ in Afrikaans), we are determined to stand together as One New Man in Messiah!"

The Druze: Key people in Israel

Hopefully most people know that 20% of Israel’s population is Arab, both Muslim and Christian. But there are other ethnic minorities living in Israel who also need Yeshua!

Purim: ‘A merry heart’ in troubled times

Tzippe writes, "The Bible says one day all nations will come against Jerusalem. That hasn't happened yet, but from what we can see, it may not be far off. God holds the times and the seasons in His hands."

Israeli child takes over UN, promises sweeping reforms

Secretary General António Guterres stressed that his successor, four-year-old Eliyav Mishehu of Jerusalem, will be ideal for the post, quoting the UN's stated position expressed in January that "putting youth in leadership positions always pays off."

Israel presents a Singapore future to Gazans

Hannah writes, "One of the most generous offers ever made to Gaza was ignored by the global community. Hamas slapped it down with breathtaking contempt for the people who elected them. Mainstream media saw the scandal but took a pass."

UN ignores Syria chemical weapons leaving Israel to act alone

Russia and China, two of five permanent members on the UN Security Council, vetoed a resolution that would have enforced sanctions on Syria over alleged use of chemical weapons in its six-year civil war - a threat that leaves neighboring Israel concerned.

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