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Blog articles written by Israeli believers, and sometimes guest contributors from other countries, related to any social, moral, or other life-related issues.

Hold fast to your “why”

Aaron writes, "More and more these days, I’m understanding why the writers of the New Testament compared the life of a follower of Jesus Christ to the life of an athlete."

Weeding out seeds of a perceived “Messianic Mafia”

Miriam writes, "One fine day while strolling in Jerusalem a local brother shouted to him from across the street “you look like the Messianic Mafia” We all laughed. I thought later about the man and decided it was something interesting and important what he had said."

Taking care of our seniors as a community

Maayan writes, "Look around your congregation and you might notice a growing number of senior citizens. As congregations grow in number all generations are now represented in each one. This is a wonderful development."

Flirting with burnout

Cody writes, "Have you ever started a new season or position with high hopes and excitement? Then over time things do not work out the way you thought they would."

Remembering why we’re here

Aaron writes, "You can’t grow closer to Jesus Christ by studying the spiritual and/or theological teachings of people who reject the New Testament in general and specifically the Gospel of Jesus Christ."

Better to live in the garage!

Boaz writes, "A good and happy marriage is a tremendous gift from God. I thank God every day for my wife and my marriage. In a good marriage, a man’s wife brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life."

An open letter to Holy Land pilgrims

Aaron writes, "It’s a joy and a blessing to have these people come and enrich our meetings with their presence. But occasionally, there are issues that come up and I would like to address a few of those issues."

A beautiful wedding

Miriam, "I think we are just about ready now in Israel for our corporate wedding. I saw it in the hearts yesterday, I saw in the minds and the ways."

The flying wounded

Diana writes, "The problem is that open wounds are not good for us. We need healing, and scars represent that our wounds have healed over."

Are you ready?

K.J. writes, "How might we face the eventual sadnesses and disappointments we all will encounter with a bit more equanimity, and calmness?"