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Blog articles written by Israeli believers, and sometimes guest contributors from other countries, related to any social, moral, or other life-related issues.

How has the image of Messianic Jews in Israel changed in the last 37...

Lea writes, "Not a few Messianic Jews in Israel today have encountered discrimination and injustice from individuals in society, the media, or the government. For this article, Israeli newspaper articles from 1979 until 2016 were analyzed with the focus on the depiction of believers in the media."

Live on purpose

Bethany writes, "In whatever area you find yourself struggling, I encourage you to do something about it today. Push away the distractions, and take the time to think through and process that “thing” that is bothering you."

Home meetings: The only real hope for the Body of Messiah

Eric writes, "It is true that the only real hope we have of reaching the current generation of seekers as well as the generations that will follow is to focus on home meetings as the primary source of outreach and the community building."

Yizkor the forgotten

Orna writes, We are called to remember these people, and this is the meaning of the word “Yizkor”. I am constantly amazed at the way these survivors chose life, although at times, death could have been a much easier solution."

Stop doing Lucifer’s job for him

Aaron writes, "But there’s something else that also goes on at this time of year, as these two holidays have become a point of often fierce acrimony among Believers especially if, like in 2017, the dates for Easter and Passover coincide."


Elhanan writes, "As with Churchill, those who would speak out about dangers to society are often themselves spoken against. But those with a clear vision must nevertheless speak out. "

How a Passover Seder became the Last Supper

Tzippe writes, "Of all the biblical feasts, Passover, or Pesach, is uniquely significant for Jews and non-Jews alike. God instructed the Jewish people to retell this story throughout their generations."

“Don’t leave before you say these three”

Orna writes, "We have deviated from God’s original command, and instead of meeting Him during this feast and learning more about Him, we turned it mostly into a social event. Why have we deviated so far from God’s original plan for this feast?"

Passover in Israel

K.J. writes, "The days of preparation are unlike like anything I have ever experienced. There is a national surge of joy, optimism, and frenzy."

What I learned about the Church while training to be an Israeli tour guide

Aaron writes, "It was just about the most fun I ever had, almost like a two-year working vacation. I learned a lot about all aspects of the history, culture, geography etc. of this country. But one of the most important lessons I learned was about the Church of Jesus Christ."

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