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Blog articles written by Israeli believers, and sometimes guest contributors from other countries, related to any social, moral, or other life-related issues.

Blenders and neighbors

K.J. writes, "Yes, people in Israel are close. We have to be. We have to stand together and help each other and open our homes. We have be able to laugh at our mistakes and form friendships..."

When was the last time you prayed for the garbage collectors?

Aaron writes, "The strike only lasted three days and it ended with none of the parties getting what they wanted. But what it meant for me and most of the other residents of Israel’s capital city was, in a word, suffering."

Replacing “My Ministry” with “Team Ministry”

Ron writes, "We work in ministry teams where each one has a unique gifting. This is called synergy. The idea is very biblical and it means that the sum of the parts working together is greater than the sum if they worked independently."

40 years in the kingdom

Elhanan writes, "There is but one other viable address: in Him who has never failed me, who has tested me in sickness and in health, in war and in peace these past forty years, but has brought me through every struggle, and given me every desire of my heart to this moment."

From the journal of a Messianic soldier in the IDF reserves

Noam writes, "I write this piece as reservist who is serving in the reserves at the moment. I am wearing my uniform and looking at my team... A rare glimpse of the life I had up until just recently, but this time from the side."

Famine in the land – Genesis 12:10

Wendy writes, "We expect, as did probably Abram, that when we are doing God’s work and acting in obedience to a clear word from God that everything will go well for us... After all, we are doing God’s work, why should famine hit right then?"

What can we do to escape the flames?

Aaron writes, "Imagine you’re standing on the banks of a great river. It’s about 2 kilometers across and in the middle, about 300 meters in from the shore on both sides, there’s a current that runs at about 80 kph."

What is necessary for evil to triumph?

K.J. writes, "The world has seen the atrocities of the Holocaust and it has all been documented... How then, is it still possible that the disproportionate response of condemnation toward the Jewish state seems to be a sport and taken for granted by the U.N.?"

Don’t let the light go out

K.J. writes, "January is cold. The winter holidays are over, and there is rain. Many people are suffering from illness, and the joy of celebration can give way to feelings of letdown and loneliness."

“I do not need to be in a congregation”

Daniel writes, "This statement is a representation of not only many young people today, but of even some older people who are in their senior years of disillusionment with congregational life as they experienced it."

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