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Blog articles written by Israeli believers, and sometimes guest contributors from other countries, related to a variety of topics such as world events, Israeli politics, life in Israel, family and children, tourism, and biblical teachings.

A freedom of will

Elhanan writes, "The Creator is known as omnipotent, omniscient, and all-in-all. Then how is it we might have free will?"

Hold fast to your “why”

Aaron writes, "More and more these days, I’m understanding why the writers of the New Testament compared the life of a follower of Jesus Christ to the life of an athlete."

Weeding out seeds of a perceived “Messianic Mafia”

Miriam writes, "One fine day while strolling in Jerusalem a local brother shouted to him from across the street “you look like the Messianic Mafia” We all laughed. I thought later about the man and decided it was something interesting and important what he had said."

Sound of the shofar: Past, future, present

Eitan writes, "God wants to give us courage to face today's profound shaking - which is bound to increase. The outward circumstances will seem terrifying. But we are to rise up, stand together, and look for the coming of our KING!"

Miraculous signs

"Yeshua charged His disciples to go out to the villages of Galilee, Judea, and Perea, proclaiming the message, “The kingdom of heaven is at hand.” The time had come for the Twelve disciples to take His message and ministry out on their own."

Hidden blessings in the text

Eric writes, "If we slow down when we read Scripture and when we look at our lives, we will see all the other amazing promises G-D has written in the story of our lives."

Taking care of our seniors as a community

Maayan writes, "Look around your congregation and you might notice a growing number of senior citizens. As congregations grow in number all generations are now represented in each one. This is a wonderful development."

Thoughts on Parashat Chayei Sarah

Michael writes, "Some would ask, if the LORD separated Abraham from his country and family (Genesis 12.1), why did he send back there to get a wife for Isaac, and why would Jacob in the future go back for a wife as well."

LISTEN: Matthew 23: The significance of detail

Rev. David Pileggi looks at today’s gospel passage, in which Jesus rebukes the religious leaders of two thousand years ago; but this passage is also for the Church. What causes us to stumble in this passage?

Beer Sheva will never be the same!

Howard writes, "Thank-you for your prayers connected with the events here in Beer Sheva for the 100th anniversary of the ANZAC Beer Sheva Charge and victory. The city has never had a day like this before!"

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