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Blog articles written by Israeli believers, and sometimes guest contributors from other countries, related to a variety of topics such as world events, Israeli politics, life in Israel, family and children, tourism, and biblical teachings.

Tikkun Olam?

Howard writes, "Tikkun olam is the humanist concept and religion to make the world better. It can cross all social, cultural, national, and religious borders. WHAT a better world looks like to each one will be very subjective."

Watch and pray and …

David writes, "And I will add one more word to Yeshua's instruction: watch and pray... and SAY (speak up). This is not the time to be silent - we need to speak up and warn our unsaved family, friends, neighbours, work mates..."

Restoring Yom Teruah: What You May Not Know about Rosh HaShanah

Sandra writes, "What Kingdom breakthroughs could transpire if His people around the world gathered in their respective nations, in unity by the Spirit, and sounded trumpets for a day to affirm covenant with YHVH, declare Yeshua’s kingship, and posture themselves for Kingdom advance?"

The amazing numbers behind purchases of Israeli start-ups

Jonathan writes, "Whether these companies become worth millions or billions one day, the reality is that any of these numbers is extremely large and worth a closer look by anyone who wants to invest."

The match made in heaven

Eli writes, "In an early interaction, God told Moses that He will send his angel to guide Israel along the way. The people of Israel were warned not to disobey God’s messenger, because he would not forgive their transgressions. (Ex. 23:21)"

The significance of the shofar blast

Eric writes, "To better understand the shofar blast, think back to those wonderful old westerns, the movies in which the hero has been surrounded by the enemy and all looks hopeless..."

The destructive power of neglect

"If you apply that definition to the way you are called to treat those God has placed in your life, the problem becomes a little clearer. Think about the way you treat: your spouse, kids, parents, co-workers, and whoever else you would like. Is it starting to sink in?"

Message from Heaven at Mount Transfiguration

"Yeshua needed information about the path before Him. The generation had failed to heed the warnings He and John the Immerser had offered. The arrest of execution of John the Immerser betokened the people’s rejection of their message."

Commentary on Parashat Nitzavim (Standing) and Parashat Vayelech (He went)

Moran writes, "The Lord wants our eyes on Him and Him alone. He wants to be our God. We are to fear, honor, admire, and respect Him over anything else in our lives…especially that intimidating “giant” standing before us."

New UK org makes connection for investors in Israel

Israel Investment, a new organization just launched in the United Kingdom, aims to connect experienced and aspiring investors int he U.K. with companies and startups across Israel’s diverse economic community.

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