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Blog articles written by Israeli believers, and sometimes guest contributors from other countries, related to a variety of topics such as world events, Israeli politics, life in Israel, family and children, tourism, and biblical teachings.

Reading the Bible from cover to cover – Thoughts and recommendations

Arthur writes, "However you choose to read through your Bible this year, remember to treat God’s Word with reverence. Don’t treat your time alone with Him as a chore."

Parashat Vayeira: Do we have free will?

"Passover is one of the main feasts in The Scriptures due to its motif of redemption, salvation, and the creation of God’s people. Passover is the connection between God and a nation..."

The monuments of life

"Monuments of victory are easy to set up and even something we like to maintain. But there were also memorials that reminded the people of their failures."

Israel is real

Elhanan writes, "For the sake of dreamers and theological speculators counting angels on the head of pins, sprouting doctrines of certainty about death and other mysteries unknowable to the living, God has slammed a harsh reality before their faces."

“As birds flying…”

Standing back to get a bird’s eye view of history through the lens of bible believers, we find many important landmarks in the calendar...

President Trump and the view of Israelis

Daniel writes, "Israel is first and foremost interested in how American policy relates to it as a nation. They believe the Obama administration treated them unfairly. Israel was regularly blamed for the lack of progress in the peace process..."

How much do you really know about Israel?

Aaron writes, "Most Christians who would say they support Israel are no doubt sincere, but the fact is, they really don’t actually know much about this country. Israel is “the Land of the Bible” but it’s not a museum."

Hated by everyone

"Yeshua predicted that His disciples will be hated by everyone. When will this time of persecution come?"

G-d’s goodness overcomes all

Eric writes, "With this in mind, please remember this absolute truth: Your bad, no matter how large it appears to your heart and mind, will never, ever become larger or more powerful than G-D’s good."

Commentary on Parashat Va’eira (And I appeared)

Moran writes, "I want to put an emphasis on one thought, which I believe is so important for us to understand: God is the same yesterday, today and forever; He is our Redeemer, our King, and our Sovereign Ruler."