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Blog articles written by Israeli believers, and sometimes guest contributors from other countries, related to a variety of topics such as world events, Israeli politics, life in Israel, family and children, tourism, and biblical teachings.

Forever young

Eitan writes, "The Scriptures are not silent on the meaning and value of our "sunset years". In fact, there are clear clues for living richly even as our physique might be sagging."

Comfort My people

"The place of “comforter” is not always an easy place to be. There is suffering all around us, and we all experience suffering by living in a broken world."

Our roles and responsibilities under G-D’s authority

Eric writes, "Like the legendary Knights of the Round Table, G-D is in the center and the only true authority and we are all fulfilling our roles and responsibilities under His authority."

A new level of prophecy

Asher writes, "I believe God is offering a “double” prophetic anointing to enable us to speak of God’s destiny for Israel, the Church and the Nations in these end times."

Dare to move

Simcha writes, "It occurred to me recently how so many of us are essentially sleepwalking. We go through life, without really participating in it."

Commentary on Parashat Shemini (Eighth)

Moran writes, "God is very consistent! From the beginning of His relationship with Israel, we see that in order for anyone to have the revelation of His Glory in his/her life, there must be a sacrifice offered."

The judgements of God

Elhanan writes, "The judgments of God are befallen humanity on the Earth. Not yet in a cataclysm of fire but in the daily evolution of history."

The Coming “Greater Riches” Revival

Ron writes, "God gave Paul insight into His plan. Remember the investor—through doing the wrong thing, he made an amazing profit. That is what Israel did."

They’re not just abusing our personal data — they’re censoring us!

Donna writes, "Challenges to freedom of speech that affect the general population are issues that will reach critical mass within the community of faith. We need to be aware of current events surrounding major social media platforms..."

The empty tomb that wasn’t empty

"The open tomb and absence of the guards seemed to imply that the authorities had moved the body to some undisclosed location. The women decided to investigate."