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Blog articles written by Israeli believers, and sometimes guest contributors from other countries, related to a variety of topics such as world events, Israeli politics, life in Israel, family and children, tourism, and biblical teachings.

Israel and the nations: A theological opinion (Part 1)

Ron writes, "It is interesting that the Church went from saying, “You can’t be Jewish and believe in Jesus,” to, “All believers are Jewish.” Which is it? What does the Bible actually say?"

Was Paul right about women?

Eli writes, "Paul’s solution, therefore, was not to exclude half of the congregation from exercising the gifts of the Spirit, but rather to make sure that it was done in a respectful, proper and orderly fashion."

The greatest miracle since the resurrection of Yeshua

David writes, "If the restoration of sick person is a miracle, then the resurrection of a dead land and 6.5 million 'dead' people is indeed the greatest miracle the world has seen since the resurrection of Yeshua."

After six days

"When did the transfiguration happen? The gospels of Matthew and Mark both indicate that the revelation on the high mountain happened “after six days.” ... Six days after what?"

Could Iran’s moves in Syria be the seeds of the next war with Israel?

President Trump and Russian President Putin recently announced a ceasefire in parts of southern Syria. A cease fire on the surface sounds like a great idea, but some Israeli leaders feel it presents a clear and present danger to the Jewish state.

Be perfect! – Are you kidding?

Asher writes, "Perfection is like getting to the end of a road, finishing your race, achieving your goal, getting to your purpose, reaching your destination or fulfilling your destiny."

Whose job is it anyway?

Aaron writes, "There is no unimportant work in the Kingdom, and whoever you are and whatever your circumstances, God has given you at least one thing that you can do for Him."

Prayer points – Tomorrowland, Jerusalem’s Gay Parade and God’s Heart

Sandra writes, "Recall how the prayers of Moses so moved YHVH’s heart that He relented twice from destroying the Israelites on account of their sin. He will respond with mercy consistent with justice to your prayers, too. Here are 8 (of many more) ways to intercede for Israel..."

Shabbat – a rehearsal of the world to come

Eric writes, "I also was not resting spiritually because I was so fatigued from my efforts to prepare for Shabbat that I was rarely able to enjoy the Shabbat. All of this changed after I read a very familiar verse of Scripture, which almost everyone knows. It is found in Genesis 2:2-3..."

Commentary on Parashat Va’etchanan (To Implore or Beg…)

Moran writes, "In this week’s Scripture portion, we see a connection between the promise of the Land and Israel’s election. Sadly, this subject is widely misunderstood within the Body of Messiah (among both Jewish and Gentile members), and I want to address it according to what the Scriptures say..."

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