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LISTEN: Matthew 28: Trinity Sunday

Rev. Aaron Eime explores the Trinity and uses two pictorial icons to illustrate his message. God invented the calendar as a means to help his people remember his mighty acts. The mystery and majesty of the Divine is seen in the Trinity.

Events in Jerusalem, 1917, as foretold in the Bible

"As time went on, Britain’s involvement would not always be so positive, but the story of how this particular moment came about is one of breathtaking wonder."

There’s a whole lot a shaking going on (#3)

David writes, "The Western world has been steadily sliding into the abyss since the end of the Six Day War in 1967 and it is now accelerating exponentially. I have written all of the above to say this..."

The Holy Land: Official documents and fake news

Shira writes, "As President Donald Trump tries his hand at this ultimate peace deal, hopefully his advisors are supplying him with accurate briefs on the subject of "whose land is this?" Certainly, for every Bible believer, it is worth spending a few minutes to review the historical facts."

A message for Father’s Day

Aaron writes, "God is described as a Father throughout the Bible, and being the father of two sons has given me a great deal of insight and perspective on the phenomenon of Fatherhood as well as an appreciation for how God views us, His children."

The Caiaphas Prophecy

"The Gospel of John takes note of the irony in Caiaphas’ words. He had unwittingly uttered the gospel message..."

Thoughts on Parashat Sh’lach

Michael writes, "It is miraculous that Hashem did not honor the peoples’ spoken request but instead He honored His promises to the patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. "

The Jerusalem audit

Eli writes, "To put it simply, it was implicit in the committee’s questioning that John had no authority to carry out this mass Israelite water ceremony."

The “Lord’s Prayer” and the mystery of revival

Eric writes, "There is amazing power in prayers who follow these instructions provided to us so clearly and simply by our Messiah. Even so, the key to revival begins with the word "Our.'"

Commentary from the Torah portion on leadership and transfer of authority

Joseph writes, "I wrote the above paragraph because it also has to do with the Parasha, [which] deals with leadership and transfer of authority and sharing authority."

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