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Blog articles written by Israeli believers, and sometimes guest contributors from other countries, related to a variety of topics such as world events, Israeli politics, life in Israel, family and children, tourism, and biblical teachings.

Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Israel

Shira writes, "In this world of chaos, believe it or not, there are 124 nations which actually have border disputes, and some are occupying disputed territory. Yet 123 have chosen their own capital without any question from the rest of the world. Only Israel doesn't have a capital—that is, a capital recognized by the world."

LISTEN: Luke 1: Here I am, Lord!

Guest speaker Sandy Shoshani speaks on the women who have made a difference in history. What makes us somebody is the Holy Spirit in our heart, as we look at Mary we see humility and willingness to obey.

“We prophesy in part”

Asher writes, "We seek to have a biblical balance on the issues concerning apostolic and prophetic gifts today. One of the keys to find such a balance is the phrase, 'we prophesy in part'.”

Commentary on Parashat Shemot (Names)

Moran writes, "I want to point out the significance of when the name Jacob is used versus Israel. We remember that Jacob’s name was changed to “Israel” after he wrestled with the divine being in Genesis 32."

The focus on family in the Bible

Eric writes, "In G-D’s view, the most important and miraculous thing that happens in any story or event in the Bible is the family. Every miracle takes place because the family exists."

Pressing on

Simcha writes, "I hate cheesy New Years blog posts that try to convince you that the passing of a new day will somehow magically cause a reset in our lives, and that we get to start again come 00:01 on January 1st."

The burdensome stumbling stone of Jerusalem

Elhanan writes, "And the very learned gather in vain in the night to find a formula to untie the Gordian Knot, seeking the sword Excalibur to slice the Holy City and Land into appeasing pieces for peace..."

Better for you that I go

"Change and transitions are not always easy. But since we live in a world that is constantly changing, it’s something that we must learn to embrace."

Parashat Vayechi: He has removed our transgressions

In this week’s Torah portion we read about Jacob’s blessings to his sons and grandsons, who are the heads of the tribes of Israel. This was followed by Jacob’s death along with the mourning and burial process.

How does Yeshua feel about Israel and does it concern me?

Eitan writes, "Israel often becomes a geopolitical argument or a matter of detached theological controversy. To avoid these I believe it is vital to connect with the Lord’s HEART regarding this topic."