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Commentaries, opinions, or journalistic articles written by Israeli believers related to politics or current events that are related to countries outside of Israel and the Middle East.

A call to pray as Trump reneges on Jerusalem promise

Ron writes, "So, as we are just days away from President Trump’s first official visit to Israel, let me put out a clarion call to prayer warriors, intercessors and prayer groups across the world. Pleas pray for President Trump."

Who are you Emmanuel Macron?

Amir writes, "I am NOT talking about grooming him to be the antichrist, but definitely to leadership of Europe..."

The winds of war are blowing once again

David writes, "As the winds of war increasingly grow stronger, let us all play our part in hastening the day that Yeshua returns (2 Peter 3:12) to Jerusalem to judge the nations and to establish true peace..."

Today, I met with Egyptian President el-Sisi in Washington

Joel writes, "Today, I had the honor of participating in a two-hour meeting with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi... For now let me just say that I was very encouraged by what I saw and heard."

How the modern Messianic Jewish Movement was launched

Daniel writes, "The origins of a successful movement often tell us about the founding principles that must be recovered to see this success continue into the future in new generations. The Messianic Jewish Movement began as a mighty move of the Spirit..."

Pray for London and learn how to overcome ISIS

"As we follow Yeshua, are we willing to follow in his footsteps of self-sacrificial love? Martyrs for Yeshua don’t kill, but offer life, even to their murderers."

Watch: Refugees leaving Islam en masse for Jesus

Ron writes, "I recently met with a missionary to Europe who told me of one evangelist from a Muslim background who goes into refugee camps every day. Because of the danger, he asks the Lord to lead him to those refugees who are ready."

West to East power shift – what is God’s Last Days strategic purpose?

Paralleling the political-economic sphere is the prayer movement, spiritual revelation concerning God’s heart for Israel, the spread of the Gospel, persecution of believers and manifestation of signs and wonders – indicators of a move of God and all increasingly more prominent in the East than the West.

What has happened to our once ‘Christian nations’?

David writes, "Those of us who were born in the 1950's or before have witnessed massive social and technical changes during our lives - some for the better, but also for the worse... At first the change was gradual, but over the years the change became faster and more extreme..."

Islam and racism

Asher writes, "Some have said that opposition to radical Islamic terror is akin to racism. That is not logical. Consider..."

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