World Events

Commentaries, opinions, or journalistic articles written by Israeli believers related to politics or current events that are related to countries outside of Israel and the Middle East.

President Trump and the events in Charlottesville

Ron shares 11 points of commentary on the demonstration and protests in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Could Iran’s moves in Syria be the seeds of the next war with Israel?

President Trump and Russian President Putin recently announced a ceasefire in parts of southern Syria. A cease fire on the surface sounds like a great idea, but some Israeli leaders feel it presents a clear and present danger to the Jewish state.

Turkey’s islamist leader seizes 50 more churches

Tzippe writes, "As Americans are celebrating their nation's founding, with all its associated freedoms, Turkish Christians are facing increasing persecution at the hand of the nation's Islamist president."

Hispanic attitudes toward Israel: Six takeaways from the Philos Project public opinion survey

Jesse writes, "How strong is Hispanic support for Israel? Many are asking that question, but few are answering it – at least not with any real data."

Turkey: Underwriting Islamic movements here, there and everywhere

Tzippe writes, "Erdogan's efforts to Islamize Jerusalem come as no surprise. Since his election in 2003, he has worked steadily toward the same goal in Turkey and in the process undermined the strong military and diplomatic ties his country had worked hard to establish with Israel."

The UK and Islam

Elhanan writes, "As I write these words a report comes of yet another fatal Islamic Jihadi terrorist attack in London... the Brits seem asleep to what is happening to them, along with slumbering Europe and the West."

When disaster strikes – BELIEVE!

Aaron writes, "But the story of the Zion Mule Corps teaches us that even in the midst of disaster, God is at work. He’s not surprised by anything. He’s got everything under control."

Jerusalem D-Day – It’s what you do today, Mr President

Stan writes, "Is Donald Trump a man of his word? Will he do what is, simply, right? Or will he sign the waiver and put off moving the embassy for the 43rd time, as all presidents have done since 1995?"

Trump’s promises to Israel foretold in the Bible?

Tzippe writes, "It's not a little ironic that the man who campaigned on a pro-Israel platform may turn out to be God's chosen vessel to bring the Jewish state to the point that He steps in to defend her."

Why the most pro-Israel president in American history is not so pro-Israel as you...

Sandra writes, "So to fuel an important conversation, we will look at a summary of just some of the facts on the ground indicating President Trump could be setting himself—and the US—on a collision course with Israel. Then we’ll look at how to effectively pray."