World Events

Commentaries, opinions, or journalistic articles written by Israeli believers related to politics or current events that are related to countries outside of Israel and the Middle East.

An open letter to Seattle Seahawk Michael Bennett

Ron writes, "Dear Mr. Bennett, I see on Twitter that you have turned down a trip to come visit my country, Israel... What changed your mind was this article in the Times of Israel, so you say..."

Has YHVH played a ‘Trump’ card?

David writes, "There is no doubt that Donald Trump is also one of the most controversial people on the planet, but that does not mean that God would not use a man like that. In fact, maybe God has played a major 'trump card'..."

Iran conducted ballistic missile test, violating UN resolution

Iran carried out a ballistic missile test again violating the United Nations resolution banning such missile tests.

America reset?

Stan writes, "The election of Donald Trump as President of the United States has turned, and is turning, the world upside down. While the impact on Israel is yet to become clear, some initial signs are encouraging. Is God resetting the clock?"

Has the liberal, left wing ‘tide’ turned?

David writes, "The last few months have seen significant changes in the world that cause me to wonder if something has shifted in the spiritual atmosphere and that is now bringing about major changes in the natural world."

An overview of Lebanon from a Lebanese Christian

Paul Calvert spoke with Natalie, a Christian from Lebanon, about the religious make-up of the nation; the refugee crisis and what Christians believe God is doing there.

Trump, God and Israel (Part 2)

Shira writes, "Now enter Donald Trump. Will he dive in with conviction that he will negotiate the greatest deal ever? He has publicly confessed he would love to do such a deal."

Paris plotters summit summary

Donna writes, "Here is my summary of what took place surrounding the Paris conference last Sunday, January 15, 2017."

You should still let America go

Aaron writes, "America likely will resume its traditional role as Israel’s best friend and closest ally following the inauguration of Donald Trump in a few days, but it will do so with drastically reduced capacity to act, regardless of intent."

Mr. Obama, your legacy is secure

Dan writes, "The reality shows the Obama administration has been one of, if not the most hostile ever toward Israel... As the old saying goes, with “friends” like this..."

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