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Wonderful events demonstrating God’s overflowing blessings

Eddie writes, "As we trust in God and lay hold of his infinite power, our lives are filled with overflowing blessings. Here are just a few of the many wonderful events that have filled the past few weeks and allowed us to be 'The light of the world!'"

KNI Israel Prayer Corner :: Feb 13, 2018

Potential for the outbreak of war on Israel's northern border is a major prayer point for Israel as a nation. A drone from of an Iranian base in central Syria violated Israeli airspace

VIDEO: ‘Let the little children come to Me’: kids’ worship event in Jerusalem

What looked like a typical children’s party was actually a worship event held specifically for children, hosted by Yuval, a Messianic music and arts school in Jerusalem.

Israeli believer to represent the country in world sport competition

Ezra Short, 17, an acrobatic gymnast who lives in Holon, has been selected to be in the Junior Men’s Group that will represent Israel on the world stage. The 26th World Championships Acrobatic Gymnastics competition will take place between April 13 to 15 in Antwerp, Belgium.

Believers refreshed at Daughters of Zion: Woman of Hope conference

Believing women from around Israel gathered last month for a women’s conference that inspired hope and peace and, symbolically, took place at Magdala, the archaeological site of believed to be the home town of biblical heroine Mary Magdalene.

Believing ministries that help the poor in Israel – Part 2

KNI recently featured five believing ministries that meet the needs of the poor here. In part two, we highlight another five local and international ministries that bring aid to Israelis.

After 15 years in the Land, Israeli’s citizenship remains under assault

When Richard and Carolyn Hyde of Heart of G-d Ministries made Aliyah to Israel in 2003, each was granted citizenship and issued an Israeli passport. When the time arrived for the couple to renew their documents, the Israeli Ministry of Interior (MOI) routinely issued a ten-year passport to Richard, who is Christian, but declined to renew Carolyn’s, a Jewish follower of Yeshua.

Israel’s most controversial film: “A New Spirit”

Shira writes, "For the first time in the history of modern Israel, a faith-based film on Yeshua the Messiah has been produced and premiered in theaters across Israel. "A New Spirit" tells the true story of Yacov Damkani, once a local gangster from a poverty-stricken town in Israel, who fled to the United States and was introduced to Yeshua as his Messiah."

KNI Israel Prayer Corner :: Jan 30, 2018

Read this week's key prayer points that are related to the Messianic community and to mainstream Israel news.

Forgiven and set free: A post-abortion Bible study

Recognizing that abortion can be a traumatic experience for many women, an Israeli pro-life organization, Be’ad Chaim, offers a post-abortion Bible study course to help women overcome troubling issues such as guilt, anger and grief that result from terminating a pregnancy.