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Articles by or about Arab believers living in Israel and the Middle East.

Christianity and Religious Freedom of Minorities in Israel

Amid cries of Israel being an Apartheid state, not treating its minorities with equality and chasing Christians away, the opposite is true. The Israeli Ministry of Foreign affairs has a very comprehensive understanding of its Christian citizens, who are a minority within a minority.

Christian Leader nabbed by Palestinian Authority: Analysis and Commentary

It's ironic that Archbishop Murad, who predicted that Israel would use the security barrier to deny Palestinians "freedom of movement", has freely crossed the barrier to preside over his community's celebrations in Bethlehem and Jerusalem -- until the Palestinian Authority denied him that freedom last week.

Review of 2016 CATC Lectures on Muslim Extremism

The second day of the Christ at the Checkpoint Conference, devoted to Muslim extremism, potentially held the most promise and the greatest challenge, but unfortunately the speakers were largely silent on the challenging reality for Christians living in Muslim countries.

Born Again in Nazareth

Read the wonderful story of what happened when an Israeli Arab woman approached Dr. Erez Soref of One For Israel at a Pastor's conference last week in Nazareth.

Arab Christian Soldiers in the IDF Gather for Christmas Party

With the numbers of Arab Christian recruits growing and with the Christmas Season being celebrated in large pockets all over Israel, the party was a perfect opportunity to thank the soldiers for their contributions and service to Israel and present them with gifts.

Youth Leaders Face New Challenges

Why is so much violence carried out by youth? Musalaha has developed a "Curriculum for Youth Leader"s to deal with this question. They will be sponsoring two conferences this month for youth leaders. Details inside . . .

Arab Christians in Israel between Betrayal and Betrayal

The title of this article might be strange to some people, especially ‎considering the fact that Christians in Israel and Arabs in general live...

Israeli Christian Schools End Crippling Strike

Some 33,000 Christian students in Israel are set to return to school after reaching an budgetary agreement with the Ministry of Education. Schools reopened in...

Christian Schools in Israel are in danger of being shut down

Christian schools in Israel have been on strike since the beginning of the school year and did not open the academic year 2015-2016. They are protesting a decision by the Israeli government to shrink their funding, . . .

Reconciliation on the Margins: Learning from the Irish Experience

A report on a Musalaha trip to Ireland with a mixed group of 21 young adults. Afterwards many participants are eager to fellowship with one another outside of Musalaha, and remain faithful to the commitment they made in Ireland – to walk the path of reconciliation, and to be a voice for peace in their religious communities.

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