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Articles by or about Arab believers living in Israel and the Middle East.


VIDEO: Jewish and Arab pastors at Israel College of the Bible

Arab Christian and Messianic Jewish Senior Pastors in Israel studied and learned together at Israel College of the Bible's 1st Cohort for an MA in Pastoral Ministry. A must watch for anyone asking whether reconciliation between Arabs and Jews is possible!

Jews and Arabs Living in Peace and Love

The amazing story of an Israeli Arab paramedic who delivered a Jewish couple's new baby, less than a year after responding to the scene of their first child's murder.

Evangelical Arab Meet Reformed Jews in Nazareth

An unprecedented encounter of Arab Evangelicals and Jewish Reformed Jews was held on Monday July 13, 2015 in the Nazareth Evangelical College in Nazareth. Participants divided into mixed groups and studied scriptures together. They all agreed such inter-faith meetings should continue.

The First Arabic Reasonable Faith Conference

A conference will be held June 6 in Nazareth - The city of Jesus to talk about the Reasonable Faith. Yes, It is still reasonable to have faith in God in spite of the situation€, said George Abdo, who writes about apologetics, the main speaker of the conference

Arabs And Jews Worship Together

Arab believers visited Sderot with gifts and toys, and as they sat with one single mother, they explained, “There are Arabs who love you and want to bless you because of Jesus”.

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