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Articles by or about non-Israeli believers living in Israel or international Christian/Messianic believers around the world.


Film celebrating Jerusalem’s 50th anniversary available for church screenings

A new film, released to coincide with Jerusalem’s Jubilee year, transports viewers to Israel and tells the stories of Jewish men and women who are part of the rebirth of Israel.

60 million US Christians call on Trump to move the embassy to Jerusalem

Some 60 influential American Christian leaders representing 60 million constituents wrote to U.S. President Donald Trump a week before his visit to Israel, asking him to uphold American law and to honor his promise to move his country’s embassy from Tel Aviv to Israel’s capital, Jerusalem.

Dutch Christian artist captures Europe’s attention for Holocaust-inspired art

Artist Jip Wijngaarden, born in Amsterdam in 1964, was around 14 years old when she found a weathered copy of The Diary of Anne Frank in between two walls of their home. It became her treasure.

Hillsong brings thousands to Israel on tour, hold two concerts for locals

The international worship band, Hillsong United, held three concerts in Israel during a tour of the Holy Land last month, enabling hundreds of local believers to attend worship services in Caesarea and the Galilee.
art: families in the Bible

Singapore Bible Society to include Israeli artists in Colours of the Bible competition

"Founded in 1837, the Bible Society of Singapore will conduct an art competition and exhibition entitled Colours of the Bible as part of their 180th anniversary celebration. The event will welcome, and has made it easy for Israeli artists to participate."

Singaporean pro-Israel Evangelical Christians celebrate Passover

One New Man Asia has been celebrating the Passover for many years now. The last two years though have been different as it was celebrated and co-led together with Messianic Jewish brothers and their families.

Finnish singer shares Gospel with Holocaust survivors

A Finnish Christian singer who represented her country at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2000 toured Israel in March, performing for Holocaust survivors and sharing the Gospel with them during her concert.

VIDEO: The Germans that help Jews make aliyah

This is a very special story of Germans that are helping Jews come back to their ancestral land - to Israel.

‘Voice of Hope’ to broadcast from Israel

The State of Israel took another step in its prophetic calling to be a light to the nations by licensing the Voice of Hope radio network to broadcast from Israel to Syria, Lebanon, Cyprus, Jordan, Egypt and Turkey.

Millennial pastors see Israel through ‘fresh lens’

For decades, the term "generation gap" has been used to define how younger people see the world compared with their parents. Those differences range from culture to politics to relationships, and as we found out, it also applies to Israel.

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