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Articles by or about non-Israeli believers living in Israel or international Christian/Messianic believers around the world.

Galilee church vandalized, offering money stolen

The Church of the Transfiguration in the lower Galilee was robbed and vandalized, leaving church officials and police to suspect criminal motives.

Christians highlight ‘Jerusalem,’ send Bibles to UNESCO

Evangelical Christians around the world have been mobilized by the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem to send Bibles to UNESCO in response to its recent resolutions denying Jewish and Christian ties to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Prophetic Preview: Christians Celebrate Sukkot in Jerusalem

Every year, thousands of Christians from all over the world come to Jerusalem to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles and to show their support for Israel. Many of them dress in colorful, traditional costumes from their countries and join the annual Sukkot parade through the streets of Jerusalem.

Israelis give back to Christian supporters in Jerusalem March

As thousands of Christians took part Thursday in the Jerusalem March which occurs every year during Sukkot, a group of Israelis - who have been touched by this vivacious display of support - came out to express their gratitude.

Ambassadors of harvest: Evangelicals help Jewish farmers in Israel

Pro-Israel Evangelicals are always searching for projects they can be actively involved in to bless Israel’s spiritual harvest whether practically, financially, prayerfully or by visiting the Land.

The Authentic Zionists – Discovery of Graves of Messianic Luminaries

S Michael writes, "Poljak helped with the establishment of the Mount Zion community along with Pauline Rose. Later in his life he returned to Germany to minister to the German people. He felt compelled to share the Jewishness of Yeshua and inspired them in their Gentile Christian identities. Today we had the privilege of visiting his grave."

The Alliance Church in Israel Celebrates Over a Century of Service to God’s People

While the demographic and political landscape of the Holy Land has changed dramatically in the past century, the reassuring presence and commitment of C&MA, known in Israel as the Alliance Church, to the people here has remained the same.

Closer than a Brother

Eitan writes, "Deep friendships are an essential portion of God's design for us, and a major segment of His architectural plan to build an eternal kingdom on earth."

Messianic Jews in US Targeted by Islamic Hit-List, Ignored by Media

According to SITE, some 1700 individuals were named on a pro-ISIS kill-list, including members of various "churches and messianic synagogues", indicating that congregations were also named.

Unique Hebrew Choir in Holland Unites Jews and Christians

In Dordrecht, a city in the Netherlands, every Tuesday evening a group of Jews and non-Jews, amongst them Christians, meet to sing together. They form the choir “Al Naharot” (Hebrew for ‘On the rivers’).

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