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Articles by or about non-Israeli believers living in Israel or international Christian/Messianic believers around the world.

A Small “Israel” in the Netherlands: First Ever Football Tournament of MessiaNieuws

The Dutch Messianic news portal MessiaNieuws provides information on Israel and connects Jews and Christians in the Netherlands. Apart from this they also organize events, like a football tournament.

Healing the Abrahamic Family

Ariel writes, "Vered, our children and I participated in the "Global Gatekeepers Gathering" (3G) on Ko Samui island in Thailand, from the 26th-29th of April. As so often happens in this Gathering movement, the Holy Spirit moved powerfully on the group."

American Messianic Jewish Group Formed to Lobby for ‘One-State Solution’

Recently there has been more discussion of a One-State Solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the newest proponents of this single-state concept come from none other than American Messianic Jews. Their slogan is simple: Biblical Advocacy for Israel.

“At the Crossroads”: Promoting Unity in a Region of Turmoil

For three days, March 21-23, 2016, Christians from all over the greater Middle East region and further gathered at Christ Church in Jerusalem for a unique and engaging experience, called At the Crossroads.

LISTEN: Museum in Jerusalem about Christian Supporters of Israel

Paul Calvert of Focus On Israel-Radio interviews Ilan Scolnik from Friends of Zion Museum. Listen to the interview and learn more about the vision of this unique museum in Jerusalem.

First-Nation Christians Look to Israel for “Inspiration”

"For Canada’s First Nations, Israel’s story demonstrates how an ancient people can maintain their heritage while embracing the modern world, and in so doing achieve self-determination."

Christian Friends of Yad Vashem Museum, Jerusalem

Christian Friends of Yad Vashem is a programme to reach out to the Christian world and Paul Calvert spoke with Dr Susanna Kokanon, the director, about anti-Semitism today, the experiences of the Holocaust survivors and lessons that need to be learnt.

Messianic Jew Killed in San Bernardino Attack

Nicholas Thalasinos, a member of Shiloh Messianic Congregation in Crestline, CA, was one of the 14 victims in the San Bernardino shooting.

Bridging Between the Israeli Messianic Community and Japan

“A Bridge between Zion and Japan” is a Japanese organization that connects Israeli Messianic Jews and Japanese believers in Yeshua. They are impacting the nations in Asia as a leading example of how to support Israel.

Proclamations: A Free iPhone App Promoting God’s Plan for Israel

Erik, the developer of this free iPhone app, says, “I believe this app can stimulate people to pray for the salvation of Israel and proclaim the Word of God.”

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