The International Community

Articles by or about non-Israeli believers living in Israel or international Christian/Messianic believers around the world.

The Alliance Church in Israel Celebrates Over a Century of Service to God’s People

While the demographic and political landscape of the Holy Land has changed dramatically in the past century, the reassuring presence and commitment of C&MA, known in Israel as the Alliance Church, to the people here has remained the same.

Closer than a Brother

Eitan writes, "Deep friendships are an essential portion of God's design for us, and a major segment of His architectural plan to build an eternal kingdom on earth."

Messianic Jews in US Targeted by Islamic Hit-List, Ignored by Media

According to SITE, some 1700 individuals were named on a pro-ISIS kill-list, including members of various "churches and messianic synagogues", indicating that congregations were also named.

Unique Hebrew Choir in Holland Unites Jews and Christians

In Dordrecht, a city in the Netherlands, every Tuesday evening a group of Jews and non-Jews, amongst them Christians, meet to sing together. They form the choir “Al Naharot” (Hebrew for ‘On the rivers’).

Blessed and Connected by Israel

Hanna writes, "“I envy you, you are doubly blessed! You are Jewish and have Jesus. I only have Jesus,” came a comment from the audience after a speech given by a former Caspari Center colleague touring Finland some time ago. While theologically misguided, this comment demonstrated an appreciation and respect many Finnish Christians have for the Jewish people."

Unique Israel Experience for Messianic Young Adults from America

This is the third Experience Israel Trip that the YMJA has taken. The goal is to give their Messianic young people a Messianic Jewish experience in the Land.

A Peek at the Messianic Era

S. writes, "I could not help but see a glimpse of the coming Messianic Kingdom promised to us by the prophets and our Master Yeshua as I stood there watching the nations come from all over the world to tend to the heartland of our beloved country."

Christian Cemetery in Beer Sheva Cleaned Up

The Christian cemetery referred to in the new article lies behind the British WW1 War Memorial Cemetery. The local cemetery is under the divided authority of the Greek Orthodox and the Roman Catholic Churches.

A Small “Israel” in the Netherlands: First Ever Football Tournament of MessiaNieuws

The Dutch Messianic news portal MessiaNieuws provides information on Israel and connects Jews and Christians in the Netherlands. Apart from this they also organize events, like a football tournament.

Healing the Abrahamic Family

Ariel writes, "Vered, our children and I participated in the "Global Gatekeepers Gathering" (3G) on Ko Samui island in Thailand, from the 26th-29th of April. As so often happens in this Gathering movement, the Holy Spirit moved powerfully on the group."