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Centralized list of publicly-accessible links of updates or newsletters from Israeli Messianic ministries and congregations, or blog articles related to ministry updates.

Distributing God’s love to women in need

Avi writes, "At the Dugit Distribution Center, located in downtown Tel Aviv, we are continually looking for ways to impact and improve the physical and spiritual conditions of the needy and homeless of Tel Aviv."

A cup of water

"Twice a year, the staff of CBN Israel host gatherings for single mothers throughout Israel to celebrate the first of the spring and fall holidays, Passover and Rosh Hashana... Though everyone’s stomachs were full, hearts remained hungry to be fed the word God had given to staff members, Arik and Veronica, specifically for these women."

Deliverance and joy

Eddie writes, "The deliverance of the Lord is a powerful testimony. As we live in it, we are encouraged and we are also impressed that power is released as we share his word and his life."

Eagle weekends

Yevgeni writes, "Project Eagle has revealed a great hunger for more fellowship, more of God's Word and more answers to the many questions asked by this special generation."

The time of God’s favor

Rita writes, "What does it mean when we say 'the time of God’s favor'? It is a phrase (et ratzon) found in the Hebrew Bible which has made its way into Modern Hebrew, though today it is used to signify 'the right time'."

God sends help from around the world

"By this point, we were in absolute awe of God. He had heard and was rapidly answering our prayers! He was sending us skilled people from around the world to do a complete makeover in Miriam’s home."

Healings blossom

Terry writes, "We are thrilled to be able to share with you some of the answers we have recently received to prayer. We have begun to see signs and wonders in our congregation Kehilat Poriya and, of late words of knowledge have come ... followed by healings."

It was hard for her to walk away, would you?

"An elderly woman, who was recently widowed, came to us excited about the possibility of purchasing a new home. Ruth had received a large sum of money and was eager to buy a place in order to turn it into a ministry house for women."

Israel, a country in need – Update from Dugit Distribution Center

"Looking through the scriptures, we find that Yeshua was interested in meeting both the spiritual and physical needs of His people. Often, it was the meeting of a physical need that opened the eyes of Israel to their Messiah."

Healing for single parent families

One of Revive Israel's neighbors here at Yad HaShmona is the King David Therapeutic Riding Stables. Together we have been developing a unique partnership over the last number of years that is impacting families and children, and especially single parent families.

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