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Centralized list of publicly-accessible links of updates or newsletters from Israeli Messianic ministries and congregations, or blog articles related to ministry updates.

Desert experience

Yevgeni writes, "In the midst of our busy daily routine, as we rush about meeting our responsibilities, we need to regularly stop and dedicate time to the Lord, to be still and experience His presence."

One generation to another

Eitan writes, "Twenty years is the minimum benchmark duration of one generation. A twenty-one year process came to fruition on December 3, 2016. That process began with the founding of the Tents of Mercy congregation."

Meet Jenny- a holocaust survivor wanting to give back

Jenny is a 78 year old Holocaust Survivor. Born in Ukraine, she was only three years old when the Nazis took over her country and turned it entirely into a Ghetto. For three excruciating years, she and her family lived in the worst of conditions with a horse’s stable as a home.

“It’s all about relationships”

Caspari Center hosted a seminar on fundraising in the beginning of November. At the two-day seminar, 16 participants were introduced to key development topics to help their non-profit organizations achieve their funding goals. The seminar was led by Gerald H. Twombly, founder and executive director of Development Marketing Associates (DMA).

Dugit’s Greece Refugee Outreach

"Earlier this year, during a time of worship and prayer among Arab and Jewish believers, we sensed that the Lord was leading us to reach out to these refugees, especially the children who had been through so much."

To Italy and back

Eddie writes, "We spent the past week in Northern Italy in the small town of Dolo, 25 km from Venice. We are deeply connected to a Messianic Church there and we spent a week devoting ourselves to this wonderful work and its people. We returned home tremendously encouraged."

Fellowship and Fun with Holocaust Survivors

Vision for Israel partnered with a local tour agency in Jerusalem and a group of friends from the United States to provide a fun, helpful experience for Holocaust survivors in Pisgat Ze'ev. The event was specifically held to provide practical aid for the wintertime, so the survivors received knitted winter blankets, warm clothing, money vouchers and other necessities.

Israeli terror victim’s family celebrate a Bar Mitzvah

In February 2016 Avi was injured in the back and neck during a fatal terror attack while shopping at a grocery store...This past month, the family celebrated their son's bar mitzvah. Vision for Israel gave the family a generous donation to lighten the financial load and ensure them that they are not alone in these difficulties.

Pornography is replacing sex education in Israel

Sandy writes, "We are deeply concerned about our youth here in Israel. There is currently a lack of an overall program by the Ministry of Education on sexual education. Without an educational program for our teens or open dialogue with parents, “sex education” is left to the media and ”PORN BECOMES THE NORM”."

Joy and Sorrow

Eddie writes, "We at Zion's Glory want to express our deep appreciation for all Mr. Peres gave to the establishment of this nation and the devotion of his life in building it and helping to bring it to the wonderful place that it is in today. On a personal note, I want to share great news with all of you..."

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