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Centralized list of publicly-accessible links of updates or newsletters from Israeli Messianic ministries and congregations, or blog articles related to ministry updates.

Nesher – Eagle Project 2017

Yevgeni writes, "The project's goals are to minister rest for the soul and body, bring spiritual renewal, and provide discipleship and fellowship to Israeli young adults who recently completed their compulsory service in the Israeli Defense Forces."

Pray for Israeli Ministry: Melech HaMelachim – An Israeli Congregation

Melech HaMelachim (King of Kings) is a family-oriented Hebrew-speaking Messianic Jewish congregation in Jerusalem, serving the local body. Our primary focus is to be a spiritual home and family for local believers, with the Word being central to all we do.

Prayer request regarding Israeli citizenship issues

Here is a prayer request sent to KNI to post.

From “Hippie love” to Yeshua’s endless Love

Eddie writes, "Having been a part of the "Love Generation" for so many years, I was overwhelmed to experience this new type of love that surpassed beyond measure the "hippie love" that I had been immersed in for so many years."

A widow receives restitution

"It is our duty to act on behalf of those who are helpless and suffering and who lack an advocate. As our CBN Israel staff listened to Aster’s story they sought the Lord for wisdom and favor and began the process of providing assistance."

A Bar Mitzvah at Tiferet Yeshua Congregation

Moti writes, "One of the most effective ways to spread the Gospel is hosting events at the congregation where friends and family members of believers are invited to witness special occasions."

We are the light of the world

Eddie writes, "Today, as the darkness throughout the earth is on the increase, we know that the time is short. Now is the time for us who believe and are filled with the Holy Spirit to rise up in greater boldness than ever before."

Love the Lord your God

Eddie writes, "As we draw close to God, we are overwhelmed by His love. There is no darkness in Him and His presence in our lives is truly a flood of light and goodness in every way."

God’s provision to the widow crosses cultural boundaries

“You will never need to ask for money, for I will take care of you.” This was the Lord’s promise to Amira, a believing, Arab, widow from east Jerusalem.

Meeting the spiritual needs of returning exiles

Yevgeni writes, "In 2017, we began to pray for a breakthrough in the spiritual area. In addition to providing for their practical physical needs, it was our desire to help these fledgling Israelis find God as the answer to their spiritual needs."

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