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Prayer Alert

PRAYER ALERT: Gaza protest marches on Friday 6 April

Please pray for the protest march at the Gaza security fence by Hamas planned for today, 6 April, 2018. A list of challenges that IDF soldiers will face today from the protesters are ...

Messianic artist’s sculptures to be displayed in Jerusalem

A Messianic Jewish artist in Israel has been invited to display his sculptures in one of the most prominent open-air shopping centers in the country.

PRAYER ALERT: Urgent prayer request for Israeli Messianic Pastor Eddie Santoro

Please pray for his upcoming surgery on April 10 to remove the brain tumor that has returned.
KNI Israel Prayer Corner

KNI Israel Prayer Corner :: April 3, 2018

Prayer for Community News As the Christian world began its celebration of the Resurrection on Sunday, April 1, 2018, the Jewish world began the Feast...

Shavei Tzion’s Eagle Project teaches young believers to fly

The Eagle (nesher in Hebrew) Project, which began in 2015, aims to encourage and strengthen young Israeli believers who have recently completed their army service.

A success story from Be’ad Chaim (Pro Life)

"Two years ago, Leah became a Be’ad Chaim counselor. She was invited to join a support group for hurting women post-abortion."
KNI Israel Prayer Corner

KNI Israel Prayer Corner :: Mar 27, 2018

Prayer for Community News Passover (or “Pesach” in Hebrew) is fast approaching and Israelis are busy preparing to celebrate the Passover feast as commanded by...

Symbolic and Traditional Passover Recipes

We want to share some recipes of the wonderful foods, both symbolic and traditional, of the Passover seder that are central to telling the story of the exodus from Egypt described in Exodus 12.
Simcha Natan

Israeli artist releases new music compilation

Congratulations to Simcha Natan on the production of her new CD, Dreaming, now available for digital download and pre-order from her website as part of her ongoing, Dare to Ask project.

Tshuva – Repentance by Israeli Jewish followers of Yeshua

Carolyn writes, "But during corporate prayer and repentance, I recently saw the cross in a whole new light as the final sacrifice, Yeshua, was offered up to the Father from this final altar, the cross!"