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VIDEO: Brad Show interview with Yoyakim Figueras and Joe Finkelstein – “Hasdey Yeshua’s new...

Hasdey Yeshua Congregation was forced to leave their building and worship in a tent in the dessert of Arad. Now they are facing new challenges.

“Follow me” – Update on Katzir National Youth Conference

Eitan writes, "Knowing that an initial declaration of faith must be followed by a walk of devoted discipleship, we took as our theme Yeshua’s enduring invitation, "Follow me"."

Jewish terrorist who nearly killed Messianic boy seeks prison furlough

The Jewish terrorist convicted of nearly killing a Messianic teen with a pipe bomb disguised as a Purim gift is requesting a leave of...

Will the film, A New Spirit, help bring a new spirit to Israel?

A New Spirit, a motion picture recently released in Israel based on the life of Israeli sabra and Messianic evangelist, Jacob Damkani, dramatizes a remarkable example of that process: how Damkani, once lost, found himself and his life’s work upon discovering the Jewish Messiah.

LISTEN: Interview with Katherine Snyder of Anchor of Hope

Paul Calvert of Focus On Israel-Radio speaks Katherine Snyder from Anchor of Hope Family Counseling Center which is under the covering of King of...
"A New Spirit" movie billboard poster

Now showing in Israel, A New Spirit, a movie about Jacob Damkani

"A New Spirit," a movie by Doron Eran based on the life of Israeli Messianic leader and evangelist Jacob Damkani is now showing in movie theaters across Israel. The movie premiered at the famous Tel Aviv Cinematheque to an audience of hundreds of spectators.

Pray for Israel: HaTikva Project

Through HaTikva Project, Christians everywhere have an opportunity to not only minister to the needs of the local believers in Israel, but to also strategically fund the growing body of Messiah in Israel.

The year in review at KNI – Most read community news of 2017

It was a busy year in the Messianic world in Israel, involving many cases of discrimination and the loss of a founding father in Israel's believing community. The following articles were the five top read stories about the believing community in 2017.

LISTEN: Interview with Eliel – Serving God after being freed from drug addiction

Today we’re in Haifa in northern Israel talking to Eliel. He came to Israel from Uzbekistan along with his Jewish mother and two brothers when he was a teenager. But settling into Israeli life proved difficult for Eliel; he started mixing with bad company and became a drug addict.

Returning and rebuilding

Eitan writes, "Perseverance is a prime element in God's equation for fulfilling His purpose for our lives. Clearly, creating an enduring legacy demands steady, unrelenting investment."