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Journalistic articles about anything related to the Israeli Messianic Jewish community, Israeli Arab Christian community, Gentile believers living in Israel, or Israeli believers abroad.

A widow receives restitution

"It is our duty to act on behalf of those who are helpless and suffering and who lack an advocate. As our CBN Israel staff listened to Aster’s story they sought the Lord for wisdom and favor and began the process of providing assistance."

Messianic Jewish and Arab young people unite in new worship album

A new worship album coming out of Jerusalem with songs in both Arabic and Hebrew represents a move beyond reconciliation to true unity while also reflecting a significant increase in homegrown worship leaders across Israel.

A Bar Mitzvah at Tiferet Yeshua Congregation

Moti writes, "One of the most effective ways to spread the Gospel is hosting events at the congregation where friends and family members of believers are invited to witness special occasions."

Believing artist holds ‘jubilee’ exhibit of his work in Jerusalem

"Amid the hustle and bustle of Passover week in Jerusalem when the city is thronging with tourists and traffic jams, an art gallery became a small island of tranquility with a pastoral Scandinavian theme."

We are the light of the world

Eddie writes, "Today, as the darkness throughout the earth is on the increase, we know that the time is short. Now is the time for us who believe and are filled with the Holy Spirit to rise up in greater boldness than ever before."

Jewish, Arab leaders sit together at Yeshua’s feet

Every year pastors and elders of congregations in Israel gather for a special retreat for the purpose of spending time together before the Lord, or as the event has been named, Sitting At Yeshua’s Feet (SAYF).

International worship service to take place at Jerusalem Old City’s Christ Church

OneKing ministry is hosting three nights of worship at Christ Church in Jerusalem with worship led by by Jaye Thomas from the International House of Prayer in Kansas City (IHOPKC), Shiloh BenHod of Israel and other international worship leaders.

LISTEN: Some history of the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem

Paul Calvert of Focus On Israel-Radio interviews Paul Weaver, chairman of The Garden Tomb (Jerusalem) Association. Weaver shares about three women who were very instrumental in the starting of the Garden Tomb.

Christian Zionism a main highlight of Herzliya Conference 2017

The organizers of this year’s 17th annual conference added another aspect of Israel’s security: the strategic importance of Christian Zionism.

LISTEN: Interview with Meno Kalisher, pastor of a Jerusalem congregation

"Meno was born in Israel – his parents were amongst the first Messianic Jewish believers in the land and Meno had to decide whether or not to believe in Jesus – not an easy decision for a young Jewish person, especially in those days."

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