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Marriage legislation has Messianics abuzz in Israel

The Messianic community in Israel is abuzz following reports that a Messianic Jewish Israeli couple was denied a marriage license by the Jewish court last week.

Messianic Jews denied marriage in Israel

Ron writes, "Last week, a lot of folks asked me if it was true that Israel refused to allow two fully Jewish, Messianic Jewish Israelis to get married because of their faith. There was a news report out of the Jerusalem Post that mentioned the two went to our congregation, Tiferet Yeshua. Is it true? Yes…and no."

A new song arises

Tamar writes, "This new generation is Spirit-filled Hebrew worshippers drawing from deep ancient wells: the result is lifting the fallen tabernacle of David with a new song."

Larissa’s return to the Promised Land

"In addition to helping with material needs, the staff of CBN Israel also helped connect Larissa with a community of other single mothers, where they could worship together and encourage one another."

Marty’s story – A Jewish new-ager from Montreal finds Messiah

Marty writes, "Even as a Jew I accepted the narrative that the Church had replaced Israel as God’s chosen people. I was grateful for my background because it linked me to how my own people had been used by God in the past, but it no longer had significance for what God was doing in the present."

Israeli Messianic pastors share in Singapore about life in Israel

While two Israeli pastors may not get together in Israel to share about their mutual struggles, last week they did exactly this in Singapore, sharing with Christians there about life as believers in Yeshua in the Jewish state.

The real peace between Jews and Arabs in Israel

Moti writes, "Despite Israel's being in an almost constant state of war, I have seen and experienced moments of peace... A peace that transforms the reality of hatred between Arabs and Jews into a reality of love."

US report pans Israel’s treatment of Messianic Jews, Christians

While Israel touts itself as one of the few countries in the Middle East with freedom of religion, in its annual International Religious Freedom Report the U.S. State Department criticized the Jewish state for its lack of progress in expanding religious freedom.

Prophetic Studio in Haifa

Yevgeni writes, "We started a project and bought an additional place in our facility following God’s direction and made of it a room for prayer, worship and prophecy. After we finished with the rebuilding process, we did not have a full picture of what to expect and how to deal with it..."

LISTEN: Interview with Brian Slater – serving the poor in Netanya

"Many people think Israel is a country full of rich people and are shocked to find out that the poverty level is very high. Brian runs a charity in Netanya and each week he runs a soup kitchen and prepares food packages that he delivers to poor families living in the city."

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