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Historic: Welcoming the King of Glory Conference Jerusalem

On October 10-13, a significant first will take place in Jerusalem during the festivities of the Feast of Tabernacles, or Sukkot as it is known from the Biblical Fall Feasts of God.

Bridging Israel, Singapore and the nations through art

Colours of the Bible is an annual art competition and exhibition that celebrates the beauty, culture and history of the Bible and the land of Israel. It has been jointly organised since 2014 by The Bible Society of Singapore and The Embassy of Israel in Singapore.

LISTEN: Interview about Yom Kippur

Paul Calvert of Focus On Israel-Radio speaks with Michael Mistretta of FIRM about the Jewish holy day Yom Kippur.

Thousands expected at ICEJ Feast of Tabernacles

Thousands of Christians are once again expected to converge in Jerusalem to join local believers in celebrating the 38th annual Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot) conference hosted by the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ).

Kingdom investment

"But how wonderful it is to make the effort to invest blessings and grace into the lives of others and later to have that same blessing and grace poured out on you in a way you never expected."

A tabernacle in Finland and in you

Orna writes, "Dana immigrated to Israel from Latvia eight years ago, and married a good friend of mine. In her homeland she was working as a lawyer for the central bank. In Israel she wanted to seek a different path for fulfillment. Last month she joined me on a ministry trip to Finland. I will let her share the story..."

‘God almost made us do it’ – Asia Messianic Forum begins despite organizers’ reluctance

The 2017 Asia Messianic Forum (AMF), a forum “dedicated to bring Messianic Jewish leaders to Asia to teach and fellowship with us,” was held...

Worship event to draw believers from around Israel

The Yuval School of Music and the Arts is joining together with FIRM (Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries) to host a worship and intercession event at the King of Kings Pavilion facility in Jerusalem next week which will be recorded live.

LISTEN: Interview about Rosh HaShanah

Paul Calvert of Focus On Israel-Radio speaks with Michael Mistretta of FIRM about the Jewish holiday Rosh HaShanah.
Sandra Solomon

Ramallah-born convert to Christianity, loves Israel, denounces education-driven terror

Solomon, age 38, now wears a Star of David pendant around her neck and has become an advocate for Israel, hopeful that the Jewish people will someday forgive her for the insults and demonization of Jews that originated in her home and surroundings while growing up.

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