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Journalistic articles about anything related to the Israeli Messianic Jewish community, Israeli Arab Christian community, Gentile believers living in Israel, or Israeli believers abroad.

Reliving the miracle of Israel’s rebirth

Uzi writes, "I am counted as one of the first generation of Israeli Jews born in free Israel after the rebirth of a people 2,000 years in exile. What a privilege!"

Israel Memorial Day: We will remember our sons and daughters

Today is Yom HaZikaron (Memorial Day) in Israel, a day that unites its citizens in mourning for their fallen who sacrificed their lives for the existence of this country. Like everything else, mourning and loss touch believers in the land as well. We also remember today our sons, daughters, husbands, wives and friends.

Singaporean pro-Israel Evangelical Christians celebrate Passover

One New Man Asia has been celebrating the Passover for many years now. The last two years though have been different as it was celebrated and co-led together with Messianic Jewish brothers and their families.

LISTEN: Interview with Ofer Amitai – insights into current world events (Part 2)

As somebody who knows his Bible well Ofer believes that God is never taken by surprise by what is going on in the world and here he explains how he responds to the news.

Israeli Messianic youth take a stand for their faith in school

A new and encouraging phenomenon is taking place among Messianic young people in Israel: Israeli students who are believers are openly sharing about their faith in Yeshua at their schools. This sort of boldness seems to have been unprecedented until now.

Cliff Keller – Sunny Side Up!

A Kehila News Israel (KNI) writer recently launched his fourth novel, the retro-romance comedy Sunny Side Up!, now available for sale in paperback and Kindle versions at

Believing organizations reach out to Holocaust survivors in Israel

The main objective of Yom HaShoah is to emphasize the importance of remembering and recalling the victims of the Holocaust and ensuring that such a horror never happens again. KNI spoke to two believing organizations who are actively involved in helping these people on a daily basis.

Zvi Kalisher: Holocaust survivor, disciple of Yeshua

Zvi Kalisher, born Henryk Weichert, was an extraordinary man of God who found comfort and joy in his Lord Jesus Christ after losing his entire family and surviving extreme horror during the Holocaust in Poland.

Finnish singer shares Gospel with Holocaust survivors

A Finnish Christian singer who represented her country at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2000 toured Israel in March, performing for Holocaust survivors and sharing the Gospel with them during her concert.

Hebrew, Arabic and English speaking students study Bible together

FCSI held its third annual Mark Manuscript Bible study conference in March, “a fantastic experience” where Arabic, Hebrew and English speakers spent time studying the Word together.

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