Personal Stories

Testimonies, interviews, or articles that spotlight Israeli Messianic ministries or people that are part of the Messianic/Christian community in Israel.

Multiplication of a widow’s mite

"God states in His word that if we give, it will come back to us: pressed down, shaken together and running over. Our staff were in awe of Amira’s story as she shared of what happened when she gave from the little she had and watched God multiply it before her eyes."

“If the hat fits; wear it!”

A Be'ad Chaim counselor writes, "As I gained experience I became more comfortable I always had such a huge sense of victory when a little life was saved. What could be more rewarding than seeing a newborn who was almost rejected?"

In the Throes

Read an excerpt from the book Siege of Jerusalem by Pauline Rose, who first visited Palestine in 1946 on a mission to “kindle the Sabbath light of Messiah” and establish a Messianic Jewish community in Jerusalem.

Ima’s Goodies – bringing Yeshua’s love to the Israeli army

Ima's Goodies is a ministry of kindness to soldiers in the IDF. Founded by Renee Shmuel in 2014, the vision is to bring the love of God through the delivery of home-baked cakes, muffins and other goodies to soldiers on their bases.

Israeli Messianic soldiers form musical duo

Meet Yoni Davis, 20, and Sean Goldberg, 19, childhood friends that are now are a musical duo that creates original, high quality, Israeli Messianic music in Hebrew.

Following God’s Call from the Netherlands to the Negev

K.J. writes, "The man who studied animal behavior and desert regions in the Netherlands, has made a life by contributing in Israel, in many and varied ways."

From a Neo-Nazi to a Lover of Israel – A.’s story

Arthur writes, "I've come to share with you, what I see as a credible testimony of an incredible, sound minded woman and her amazing, life-changing encounter with God."

LISTEN: Interview with Messianic Worship Leader Joshua Aaron

Paul Calvert of Focus On Israel-Radio interviews Joshua Aaron, an international Messianic worship leader. Joshua talks about about music, family reconciliation and The Beautiful Land Initiative, which he co-founded.

Today, Tomorrow and Every Day After

Scott writes, "Since we had moved to Israel, my perception of what was valuable had been constantly challenged. I now understood that it was skewed."

The Lost, the Lonely and the Seekers

In part 6 of the story of his family's move to Israel, Scott shares, "Israel is a magnet for the lost, the lonely and for people seeking the truth. Whether it was backpackers looking for adventure, others caught up in deceit or the lost, the lonely and the seekers searching for comfort and peace"

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