Personal Stories

Testimonies, interviews, or articles that spotlight Israeli Messianic ministries or people that are part of the Messianic/Christian community in Israel.

Health Report from Pastor Santoro: Looking for Greater Release of the Miraculous

Eddie shares, "On February 11, we will pass six months since the initial brain surgery. I will have another MRI on February 17 and we ask you to join us in prayer declaring my brain cancer free!"

Messianic Multimedia in Israel: An Interview with Ygal Gitelman

Ygal Gitelman had a very practical goal in mind when he founded his business, Achva Multimedia Solutions. He saw the high prices Messianic organizations were forced to pay for quality sound systems, and decided to do something about it.

The Book “What About Us?” En Español

Eitan gives a brief story of his time in New Mexico and his early experience as a believer in a Spanish-speaking church. He shares this story so "that you might appreciate how special it was for me to see the publication of my book "What About Us?" in Spanish."

Praise God on Good Health Report: Update from Pastor Santoro

I underwent an MRI on 12/14 and the results were good. The details of the report were that there was no cancer in my brain. Praise God, He has done great things.

Health Update from Pastor Santoro and Request for Prayer

Eddie shares about his next appointment as a part of his recovery from having a brain tumor removed, and his request for prayer "in declaring that by Yeshua's stripes I am healed".

Praise be to God: Health Update from Pastor Eddie Santoro

Messianic Pastor Eddie Santoro shares the latest health update following his surgery to remove a brain tumor, and the subsequent treatments.

Interview with Chad Holland: New Senior Pastor of King of Kings Community, Jerusalem

Together with his wife Rebecca and their three children, Chad Holland made Aliyah in 2014 from Tennessee. In ministry since 1997, Chad had been...

Beynenu: A Messianic Magazine on Family and Parenting

Ten Years have passed since Maayan Leonard sent out the first issue of Beynenu magazine. Although all these years have passed, the vision and...

Overcoming Power: Eddie Santoro’s Diagnosis

God is good and his mercy endures forever! Sometimes it takes trials to really appreciate that deep truth. In our lives the all important fact...

Wayne Hilsden on Stepping out of the Boat as Pastor of King of Kings...

For over 25 years, the name of Pastor Wayne Hilsden has been virtually synonymous with King of Kings, among the more widely recognized congregations...