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Jerusalem, Allenby, Trump, and Time of the Gentiles

Howard writes, "The prophetic Word of God continues to be fulfilled right in front of eyes in this generation. May the one, true God have mercy and open the eyes and soften the hearts of many, and strengthen the hearts of those who believe and gain hope."

Spiritual starvation in the world

Eric writes, "Yet, with all of this increased access to resources, such a television, Internet videos, podcasts, and vast libraries of books and written resources, the Body, which should be growing in leaps and bounds, is shrinking according to polling agencies."

Recognizing Jerusalem: Has the Zechariah 12 battle begun? A call to prayer that ensures...

Sandra writes, "I believe 8 key issues emerge as vital prayer points after Trump’s announcement. 8 happens to be the number symbolic in Scripture of new beginnings, and US recognition of Jerusalem is certainly a new, good beginning."

10 points regarding P. Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem

Ron writes, "The news reports varied from excitement to incitement. Some claim, it is prophetic, while others say it will destroy the peace process. Below are ten points based on current events and biblical prophecy that will hopefully help you process this."


Guy writes, "Only through our identity in Yeshua will we stand in times of trouble, persevering with Him until the end. Otherwise we may find ourselves rejecting the very one who is our identity."

Equal and opposite reaction

Asher writes, "A major change in the history of science came when men began to realize that events did not occur in nature just by chance or by accident. Every effect must have a cause. The principle of cause and effect is the foundation of science."

How to get a clear picture of where you’re at now in life

Adam writes, "But if you use your imagination and creative power to deal with the reality of your day-to-day life, then you can start seeing real change. But how do you do this?"

How to help Israel prepare for the next war

Aaron writes, "As an Israeli Police officer who gave an informal security briefing I recently attended put it, they are bracing for attacks that will be “all of the above, all the time, everywhere, all at once.” What can Israel’s Christian friends do to help?"

The real truth about why Jews reject the Messiah

"Have you always wondered why modern Jews do not accept Yeshua (Jesus) as the Jewish Messiah? You are not alone. In order to understand their virulent rejection, though, you would have to understand the major shift..."

Why P. Trump has not moved Embassy to Jerusalem—Yet

New Buzz about Trump recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, as early as next week, has Israelis excited There are four key moments, three in the...

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