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Phobeo: Fear of the Lord

Asher writes, "As believers in Yeshua and the God of Israel, we should be fearless and courageous. Cowardice is not part of our character, because it is not part of the character of God."

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s threatened removal from office and how to pray

Sandra writes, "The prime minister’s present political crisis seems far more likely than others in the past to result in criminal indictment. At this writing, we can’t know for sure if God desires his tenure to continue... Ten key prayer points are indicated below..."

President Trump and the events in Charlottesville

Ron shares 11 points of commentary on the demonstration and protests in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Worship and the Temple Mount

"The battle for Jerusalem is not just the subtitle of CBN’s recent docudrama about the recapturing of the Old City by the Jewish people. It is a spiritual wrestling match about who is truly God."

Celestial signs

Howard writes, "The last couple years have been full of signs in the heavens, with many Bible believers saying that they portend imminent acts of God in line with prophecies in His Word."

Turning up treasures in the disciples’ hometown, Bethsaida

"As odd as it might seem, archaeologists have not been able to positively identify Bethsaida, home to Yeshua’s disciples, Peter, Andrew and Philip, until just now!"

The redemption nears

Boaz writes, "As we sat on the cool, smooth, white Jerusalem stone facing the direction of the Kotel, listening to the chanting of the book of Lamentations, our eyes could see the result of the Prophet Jeremiah's woes."

Look for the blessings not the punishments

Eric writes, "Understanding how G-D works in our lives is all about our perspective. If G-D’s Word is true, then anytime our view of His working in our lives seems out of character we need to reexamine the situation."

LISTEN: God’s judgment on the wheat and tares – Matthew 13

Rev. David Pileggi says that Jesus parables give different facets of the Kingdom of Heaven: its King, its people & and community, its power, etc. The parable of the wheat and tares talks about the community of God and how it contains those who look like they belong but they do not.

Fanning the flame… or just getting by?

Eitan, "On a recent summer evening in the foothills below Jerusalem I stood under the chuppah wedding canopy with an Israeli princess bride and her prince charming. The chuppah is just about my favorite place to be in the universe. Why?"

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