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Healing father wounds

Asher writes, "We have to come to peace with our parents’ “inheritance” and influence in our lives. I recently came across an old photo of my parents, when they were the age that my children are now."

Does Israel’s democracy even matter anymore?

Aaron writes, "Traditionally, Israel has argued that Western countries should support it because it is “the only true democracy in the Middle East.” That used to garner a lot of sympathy in Western countries, but it’s becoming less and less relevant for several reasons."

The light of Messiah in creation

Eric writes, "Within these first few sentences, the plan of salvation of man is established and a key principle to finding that means of redemption is also established."

Commentary on Parashat Noah

Moran writes, "What I admire most about Noah is his commitment to honoring God regardless of the cost. His righteousness was a result of his faith in God, which he then put into action."

Multilateralism is not a virtue…

Cliff writes, "But America and the West have not so much abandoned their core values as they have replaced them with inane generalities like multilateralism."

LISTEN: Matthew 22: Prepared and ready to face God

Rev. David Pileggi looks at the parable of the wedding feast. Being invited into the wedding was not dependent upon wearing the right garment, but staying in the wedding was!

Albert Einstein wanted to know ‘God’s thoughts’ – So what does God think about...

Tzippe writes, "Thankfully, God's thoughts have been recorded for us in the canon of Scripture: 66 books, written by 40 different authors over a period of 1,500 years. Not one word is irrelevant or haphazard. The more we study it, the more profound its life-changing message."

The great quake

Asher writes, "The Resurrection, Rapture, War and Second Coming all happen at the same time, are part of the same release of power, which also shakes the whole earth. This earth shaking power is described as being similar to the huge cataclysm at the time of Noah..."

Commentary on Parashat Beresheet: In the beginning

Moran writes, "This is not just pertinent to Jewish followers of Messiah; we can all – Jew and Gentile alike- gain a great deal of insight in these Torah readings!"

The ANZAC Beer Sheva Charge – Oct 31, 1917

Howard writes, "This October 31 marks the 100th anniversary of the heroic victorious charge of the Australian Light Horse Brigade of between 500-800 horsemen against the entrenched Ottoman Turkish forces in Beer Sheva... Our congregation, Yeshua’s Inheritance, has been actively involved in this whole matter concerning the ANZAC since 2001."

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