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The true light

Guy writes, "In the first chapter of John we read of a man sent from God to bear witness of the Light. Yeshua is the true Light which gives light to every person in the world. We go on to read that the world did not know him and that even His own did not receive Him (John 1:10-11)."

Deity vs divinity: Jesus and us

Howard writes, "I received a question, which perhaps others of you have, about the distinction between ‘divinity’ and ‘deity’. Even a good dictionary does not always make a clear distinction. For me, it is understood like this..."

Are Evangelical Christians anti-Palestinian?

Joel writes, "As an Evangelical, a dual US-Israeli citizen and an author who has spent the past several decades building friendships with Muslim and Christian Arabs from Morocco to Iraq, I would like to respectfully correct some misconceptions."

Why Guatemala said “yes” to Jerusalem

On Christmas Eve, Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke with President Morales, entreating him to follow President Trump by announcing that he, too, would recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital. That evening, he did exactly that.

Pence at Knesset

Asher writes, "All in all the effect of such a refined speech, based on strongly evangelical values, supportive of Israel from a biblical world-view, spoken before Jewish Knesset members, represents a level of friendship and witness never been seen before, as this nation reaches its 70th year."

Shifting seasons

Eitan writes, "While the meteorological winds bring shifts in season, geopolitical winds bring shifts in the climate of nations. Without question, we are living in times of shifting relationship among countries. One example is the recent thaw between Israel and Saudi Arabia. 'Who'd a thunk it?'"

Zion is not a dirty word

"How did the word Zion become so sullied? The Psalms talk of Zion in glorious terms, but today it has a very different connotations."

Replacement Theology is intellectually dishonest (or plain dumb!)

Ron writes, "Forgive me for the frank title, but in this instance, it is accurate. Replacement theology is the belief that the Jewish rejection of Jesus resulted in God rejecting Israel, in favor of the Church."

Victory and persecution in Revelation

Asher writes, "So which is it? Revival or persecution? Victory or tribulation? The answer of course is “both.” There is revival in the midst of persecution; victory in the midst of tribulation."

Ezekiel’s dry bones prophecy about Israel coming back to life

"The restoration of the people of Israel to their biblical homeland is one of the events most frequently prophesied about in the Bible. In his earnest studies of biblical prophecy back in the 1600s, Sir Isaac Newton wrote..."