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The Temple Mount flares up yet again

David writes, "The Creator of the Universe, the God of Israel, has appointed as His eternal address on Earth, this tiny piece of real estate. It is the very epicentre of the age old conflict between the Jews and the Muslims, and the problem is not going to go away before the Messiah returns."

Observations on Messianic Jewish aliyah

Hannah writes, "As worldwide anti-Semitism inspires increasing numbers of Jews to make aliyah, the difficulties of Messianic aliyah are receiving more attention. I'm not an expert on this issue, but from firsthand experience and 30 years of observation, I can suggest what not to do."

Major Christian denominations are still boycotting Israel

David writes, "Last week in the USA, the Uniting Church of Christ announced officially that they will boycott Israel... One has to ask the following questions - what Bible do they read, and which god are they really serving? How can they be serving the God of the Bible?"

Everything you need to know about Jerusalem

Ron writes, "If you turned on the news in the past few months, no doubt you heard more than a little about Jerusalem. In fact, the Old City of Jerusalem is the most controversial city in the world and it's hardly bigger than a large shopping mall."

The absence of Christian outrage over the UNESCO vote

Stan writes, "What IS perplexing to the point of infuriation is the way what was once an overwhelmingly Christian West – with its foundations set in the bedrock of millennia-old Judeo-Christian – that these nations have neither the courage nor conviction of their foundational faith nor pride in their national birthright to withstand, excoriate, spurn and scornfully reject votes and rulings like these passed by UNESCO..."

Israel apartheid? Arabs and Jews in Israel

Elhanan writes, "A fog of confusion and electronic misinformation has covered the earth, and one must wield a very sharp sword to cut through that blinding fog to get to the truth."

Remembering a hero: The Yoni Netanyahu story

Jonny writes, "What makes a person a hero? Is it something they’re born with? Is the term exclusive to comic books full of superpowers and capes – or is it something more?"

End the occupation

Daniel writes, "Instead of incessant criticism from the UN toward Israel, wouldn't it be nice to hear a more even-handed UN demand to the Palestinian Authority to stop its own role in perpetuating the occupation status quo?"

“We love death more…”

Reuven writes, "Whether it be Hamas, the Palestinian Authority, or Hezbollah, they all subscribe to the Muslim tactic of taqiya: deceiving the world to advance the goals of Islam."

Events in Jerusalem, 1917, as foretold in the Bible

"As time went on, Britain’s involvement would not always be so positive, but the story of how this particular moment came about is one of breathtaking wonder."

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