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Articles related to current events in Israel other countries in the Middle East region.

Potential for war against Israel

David writes, "I have not written this to scare you, but to encourage you to prepare - to prepare for a major change in our usually quiet lifestyle, and even more important to increase your prayer activity."

Jerusalem – The nations are dooming themselves

David writes, "Perhaps the most relevant fact is that the Creator of the Universe and all that exists, repeatedly declares in His Word - the Bible, that He has chosen Jerusalem to be the capital city of Israel, and the capital of His Kingdom on the Earth."

Jerusalem: A cup of trembling

Elhanan writes, "There is little doubt that the parting of the Holy Land is central to all nations in their political programs to solve the longstanding great controversy. But the prophets Joel, Zechariah, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Micah and others foresee a day of reckoning over Jerusalem..."

Why Jerusalem recognition matters

Ron writes, "From France to Turkey, from Hamas to Bernie—the majority of the world believes that President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital was, at best, a mistake and, at worst, the end of the world!"

COMMENTARY: President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem right step

Some critics of the speech say they agree in principle, but this is not the time. I ask: “If not now when?” This has been a debatable issue since 1948, which escalated in 1967...

Jerusalem – The morning after Trump

Boaz writes, "In the coming kingdom, Jerusalem will be the capital of the world. We aren't there yet, but I was reminded of that future hope and glory yesterday when the American president, Donald Trump, recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital."

Jerusalem is a sign

"With the recent recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, what is a perspective we can take as believers in Jesus?"

Jerusalem, Allenby, Trump, and Time of the Gentiles

Howard writes, "The prophetic Word of God continues to be fulfilled right in front of eyes in this generation. May the one, true God have mercy and open the eyes and soften the hearts of many, and strengthen the hearts of those who believe and gain hope."

Recognizing Jerusalem: Has the Zechariah 12 battle begun? A call to prayer that ensures...

Sandra writes, "I believe 8 key issues emerge as vital prayer points after Trump’s announcement. 8 happens to be the number symbolic in Scripture of new beginnings, and US recognition of Jerusalem is certainly a new, good beginning."

10 points regarding P. Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem

Ron writes, "The news reports varied from excitement to incitement. Some claim, it is prophetic, while others say it will destroy the peace process. Below are ten points based on current events and biblical prophecy that will hopefully help you process this."