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Articles related to current events in Israel other countries in the Middle East region.

God’s greatest sign to the generation

Shira writes, "I believe there is no greater proof of a God in Heaven than the existence of the modern state of Israel. Israel is God's time clock."

Trump’s peace plan to be released – If true, the devil will be wrapped...

Stan writes, "The news, which appeared on the Arabic-language daily Asharq al-Awsat suggested that the way US President Donald Trump is building his Middle East peace plan could exact a terrible cost from Israel."

Purim – A sign of life

Elhanan writes, "Once again as in the distant days of the Persian empire when Esther and Mordecai stood bravely as God’s instruments of salvation against the threat of annihilation of the Jewish people..."

Mitzpe Ramon like Mars?

Howard writes, "Not the land of Israel only, but the whole Earth and the whole of the Universe will be restored to the Kingdom of God, who created and made them!"

Concerns of impending war

Eddie writes, "As the Word of God declares our battle is not against flesh and blood but against spiritual forces in high places. Praise God the power and authority that God has given to us is far beyond the forces of our enemies."

The drums of war are beating again

David writes, "I have written this week’s article in the hope that many of our readers and ministry partners will comprehend the seriousness of the situation facing the nation and the people of Israel, which will dramatically increase your prayer for Israel."

Are Evangelical Christians anti-Palestinian?

Joel writes, "As an Evangelical, a dual US-Israeli citizen and an author who has spent the past several decades building friendships with Muslim and Christian Arabs from Morocco to Iraq, I would like to respectfully correct some misconceptions."

Why Guatemala said “yes” to Jerusalem

On Christmas Eve, Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke with President Morales, entreating him to follow President Trump by announcing that he, too, would recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital. That evening, he did exactly that.

Pence at Knesset

Asher writes, "All in all the effect of such a refined speech, based on strongly evangelical values, supportive of Israel from a biblical world-view, spoken before Jewish Knesset members, represents a level of friendship and witness never been seen before, as this nation reaches its 70th year."

With BDS friends like these, we’ll never lack enemies

Of all groups included in the ban, the AFSC peacemakers received the lion’s share of sympathetic media coverage. Is Israel stifling courageous Christian rebuke, or exposing world-class hypocrisy?