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Israel begins clearing baptismal site of mines, remnants of war

Just about a 40-minute drive from Jerusalem, in the heart of the Jordan Valley and on the Jordan River sits a baptismal site known as Qasr el Yahud, an Arabic expression for the "Jew's Castle."

Israel confirms it destroyed Syrian nuclear reactor in 2007

Following decade military censor, Israel confirms it destroyed Syrian nuclear reactor in 2007; Four jets and 17 tons of explosives destroyed North Korean assisted nuclear facility in secret mission; IDF: The nuclear facility was destroyed and an escalation in the region prevented.

When Israel is left alone, it will act, expert says

More than a decade after Israeli pilots destroyed a Korean-built nuclear reactor in Syria, Israel declassified top secret documents Wednesday detailing the operation.

Terror attacks rise, ‘rage’ days ahead as Israel prepares for 70th anniversary

With less than two months until Israelis celebrate the nation's 70th anniversary and the US moves its embassy to Jerusalem, terror attacks are on the rise.

Terrorist rams car into 4 IDF soldiers, killing 2

The attack took place Friday afternoon near the Israeli community of Mevo Dotan, about five miles south of the Palestinian Authority-controlled city of Jenin.

Palestinians boycott Gaza humanitarian crisis summit in Washington

The Palestinians boycotted a special summit organized by the White House to address the Gaza Strip’s humanitarian crisis.

Report: Israel’s economy among the strongest in the world

In a report released this week, the OECD cited Israel’s 15 consecutive years of “economic expansion” and low unemployment as factors for its growth and standing globally.

Saudi Arabia and Egypt pressuring Palestinians to accept Trump’s peace deal

Saudi Arabia and Egypt are placing pressure on the Palestinian Authority to accept the United States’ peace deal.

US military and IDF launch Juniper Cobra drill in Israel

This year’s drill focuses on defense and training on ballistic missile attacks, with drill scenarios in which the United States would assist the IDF.

Report: Saudi Prince held secret meeting with Israeli officials in Egypt

Reports surfaced Wednesday morning that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman secretly met with Israeli officials during a visit to Egypt this week.