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Iranian drone in Israeli airspace a ‘wake-up call’ US ambassador tells UN Security Council

At a UN Security Council briefing on Syria Wednesday, US Ambassador Nikki Haley said the situation on the ground is getting worse and preventing a peaceful solution there.

Defense Minister: It’s not time to bark, it’s time to bite and we’ll bite...

Israel Defense Minister warned Syria and Iran against any further provocation with the State of Israel, stating “It’s not time to bark, it’s time to bite and we’ll bite hard. I hope we won’t have to do it.”

Israelis welcome downpour as water levels fall dangerously low

Four consecutive winters of below-average rainfall are taking their toll on the Sea of Galilee – Israel's main source of fresh water. Mekorot, the nation's national water authority, expects it to reach the lowest level ever recorded. The coastal aquifers are also at dangerously low levels.

Netanyahu: Israel’s warnings regarding Iran were 100% correct

Prime Minister Netanyahu confirmed he spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin and United States Secretary of State Rex Tillerson following the attacks from Iran and Syria on Israel’s sovereignty.

Prayer Alert: Israel attacks Syrian targets after drone violation

Israeli forces targeted and destroyed the drone base from where it came. The Syrians cried foul, saying the base was only used to target ISIS. And yet, somehow, the drone crashed in Beit Shean, Israel, quite a distance from Syria.

Syrian Army shot down Israeli F-16 during IDF strikes on Iranian targets in Syria

Iranian drone in Israel downed by IDF Saturday morning; IDF retaliated on Iranian targets in Syria; Israeli fighter jet downed by Syrian Army anti-aircraft fire; IAF pilots safe in Israel.

Netanyahu: Israel wants peace, but is prepared for ‘any scenario’

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and cabinet ministers visited Israel's northern border on the Golan Heights overlooking Syria. They received a briefing from Israel Defense Forces chief of staff and other army officials.

US Mideast envoy: Abbas’ attempt to sever Jewish ties to Jerusalem won’t promote ‘lasting...

Trump administration Mideast envoy Jason Greenblatt publicly denounced Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas for attempting to sever Judaism's historical connection to Jerusalem.

Report: Saudi Arabia to grant airspace approval for direct flights from Tel Aviv to...

According to multiple media reports, Air India would be allowed to fly over Saudi Arabia beginning in March of this year, the development historic, as Israel has been banned from entering Saudi airspace for 70 years.

Bears for Hope: Touching the ‘hearts’ of Israel’s children

A fledgling organization based in Israel has a unique way of providing hope to children who are hospitalized and especially those with heart disease: through teddy bears.