Archeological Discoveries

News articles about archeological discoveries in Israel.

Twelfth Dead Sea Scrolls Cave discovered west of Qumran

Archeologists announced on Wednesday the discovery of a twelfth Dead Sea Scroll Cave in Qumran in southern Israel.

Joshua and the great eclipse?

When Joshua called on God to help the Israelites win a battle against five armies, God answered supernaturally by making the sun stand still and stopping the moon. For many centuries, various theories have attempted to explain what actually happened, if indeed anything at all.

Ancient menorah and cross found together in cave in Israel

Just over a week ago, some hikers were exploring a cave in Israel, and stumbled (as seems to be the case quite often around here) across an archaeological treasure!

A Hanukkah miracle: Hikers discover menorah engraving in Judean hills

The Israel Antiquities Authority announced the discovery by hikers over the Hanukkah weekend an ancient engraving of menorah, a seven-branched lamp stand, on the...

Key archaeological highlights in Israel – 2016

At a time when Israel’s history, connection to the land and to Jerusalem is being so severely questioned, it is the mercy of God to reveal strong evidence that the Bible is a book of real, tangible history. Here are just a few of the exciting discoveries of 2016.

Archaeology: 2016 – a year of proving God’s promises

The Gregorian calendar is fast drawing to a close summing up a year of discoveries in Israel in the field of archaeology that provide evidence of God’s promises and Jewish ties to Israel, their biblical and historic homeland.

‘The stones will cry out:’ Hannukah bowl bolsters Jewish claims to land

The discovery of a 2,100 year-old stone bowl in Jerusalem inscribed with the name ‘Hyrcanus’ has just been revealed by the Israel Antiquities Authority, to coincide with Hanukkah - the bowl likely dating from the time of the original Hanukkah.

2,000 year-old coin from Maccabean Revolt discovered in Jerusalem

A 2,000-year old bronze coin dating back to the time of the Maccabean revolt was discovered in Jerusalem. The find comes just ahead of the Jewish celebration of Hanukkah which will begin this coming Saturday through next Sunday.

Hebrew: The world’s oldest alphabet?

In a controversial announcement, Canadian expert archaeologist and epigrapher Douglas Petrovich of Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo has claimed that the world’s oldest alphabet is in fact Hebrew.

KNI EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Archaeologist Assaf Avraham

The Temple Mount expert talks about his discovery of the Nuba Inscription - how it came about, why it caused a sensation, and what it reveals about early Islamic admiration for Judaism.