Archeological Discoveries

News articles about archeological discoveries in Israel.

1,600 year-old pottery kiln discovered in Galilee, Israel

Discovery first of its kind; Kiln dated to Late Roman Period over 1,600 years old.

Discovery of Philistine Cemetery Could Shed Light on Israel’s Ancient Enemy

For the first time a Philistine cemetery has been discovered at excavations of the ancient city of Ashkelon on Israel’s Southern Mediterranean coast. This new discovery “could help shed light on the origins and customs of the Philistines.”

Hasmonean hoard uncovered near Modi’in in Central Israel

Salvage excavations taking place prior to the construction of a new neighborhood in Modi’in, sponsored by the Modi’in-Maccabim-Re’ut municipality with the participation of youth from the local area, have uncovered a rare hoard of silver coins dating from the Hasmonean period (126 BC) and bearing the names of Maccabean kings.

Precious Roman Period cargo discovered in a shipwreck in Caesarea harbor

Two divers stumbled across a number of artifacts while diving in Caesarea harbor, on Israel’s central Mediterranean coast. Israel Antiquities Authority officials describe it as the most significant discovery of treasure in the past 30 years.

Earth Discarded from Temple Mount Yields Treasures

The Sifting Project is a one-of-a-kind archaeological project that continues to yield priceless historical information from a site that has never before been excavated. Read more about the most recent discovery.

Egyptian Scarab Seal found at Tel Dor in Northern Israel

A birdwatcher, Alexander Ternopolsky, has discovered a rare scarab seal belonging to an Egyptian official of considerable rank in the Thirteenth Pharaonic Dynasty (18th-17th centuries BC) at Tel Dor on the Carmel Coast of northern Israel.

Rare Gold Coin from Roman Period Found in Northern Israel

While on a hiking tour in the Galilee, Laurie Rimon, a resident of Kfar Blum, found a 2000 year-old gold coin from the Roman period. According to the Israel Antiquities Authority, this find is "rare on a global level".

Seal of King Hezekiah Found in Excavation by Temple Mount

In an excavation next to the Temple Mount, a team of archeologists discovery a seal bearing the name of Hezekiah, King of Judah.