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‘Greatest Ever’ NFL gathering outside US tours Israel

Probably the strongest group of NFL stars ever to have gathered outside the U.S. visited Israel this week thanks to Jewish New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft who arranged the trip, making this tour bigger and stronger than previous ones, “the best of the best!”

Messianic push back at Tel Aviv gay pride parade

When the 19th annual Pride Parade was held on the streets of Tel Aviv in the name of celebrating pluralism and “bisexual visibility,” it attracted 200,000 participants — including 30,000 from abroad — and was billed as the largest procession of its kind in the Middle East and Asia.

Palestinian official makes major donation to Israeli hospital

A senior Palestinian official has donated tens of thousands of shekels to Haifa’s Rambam Medical Center in order to build a recovery room for children being treated for cancer.

Greece, Cyprus and Israel to expedite East-Med pipeline

Greece, Cyprus and Israel have accelerated the development of a pipeline that will run from Israel’s gas fields to Europe.

Israeli bill, honoring memory of American Taylor Force, set to become law

The bill moves to deduct funds that Israel transfers to the Palestinian Authority equal to the financial support the PA gives to terrorists and their families.

BBC misreports terrorist attack as “Three Palestinians killed after deadly stabbing in Jerusalem”

The BBC published a misleading news piece covering the twin terror attacks that took place in Jerusalem Friday night.

Israeli Border policewoman killed during Ramadan attack in Jerusalem

A Border Police officer was killed in a stabbing attack as she responded to a shooting outside the Old City of Jerusalem's Damascus Gate on Friday night as Muslims were breaking their fast during their holy month of Ramadan.

The Palestinian Authority says they didn’t agree to stop paying terrorists

Tillerson said he conveyed President Trump's opposition to paying terrorists and had been assured of the pending policy change in closed-door meetings with P.A. officials in Bethlehem. The P.A., in turn, denied agreeing to any such thing.

Advanced imaging reveals First Temple era inscription unnoticed for half a century

Using an interdisciplinary approach and Multispectral imaging, researchers from Tel Aviv University’s and Mathematics and Archeology departments were able to decipher the ”hidden” text. The antiquity dates back to around 600 CE. from Nebuchadnezzar’s destruction of the Kingdom of Judah.

Israel’s culture minister makes political statement through dress

Although Regev’s action provoked anger in some circles, the Jewish Museum in Berlin requested permission to display her dress in an exhibition on Jerusalem that will be “dedicated to the holy city of Jews, Christians and Muslims.”

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