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PA: American recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel destroys the peace process

During their meeting, senior Palestinian officials Saeb Erekat and Majed Faraj warned the United States against moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, as well as against official recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Israeli jets strike Iranian military base near Damascus

The reports, which first surfaced from Arab media sources in Lebanon followed by Syria claim the strikes were carried out from Lebanese airspace targeting an Iranian military base in Al-Kiswa, not far from Damascus.

Part 2: American Jewish millennials lost love affair with Israel

While research has shown that support for and engagement with Israel among American Jews has been waning, the Barna Group study confirmed that this appears to be true for young American Jews who have not visited Israel.

On big anniversary for Israel, Pence says US Embassy move to Jerusalem about ‘when...

In a keynote address marking the 70th anniversary of the U.N. vote paving the way for the rebirth of the Jewish nation-state, Vice President Mike Pence said the Trump administration stands solidly behind Israel.

US Veep: Trump ‘actively considering’ embassy move to Jerusalem

Pence made the remarks at an event in New York commemorating the 70th anniversary of the UN vote to partition Palestine into separate Jewish and Arab states, a move many credit for the creation of the State of Israel.

Israel’s Iron Dome goes to sea

You've heard about how successful the Iron Dome anti-missile system has been on land. Now the Israel Air Force and Israel Navy have declared its maritime companion operational at sea.

Israeli, UN mark 70th anniversary of Partition vote

While Nov. 29 marks 70 years of the United Nations Partition Plan calling for a division of the land of Palestine into separate Jewish and Arab states, one Israeli official explains that the U.N. vote, though historic, is not what established Israel as a state.

Netanyahu to meet with 10 African leaders in Nairobi Tuesday

Prime Minister Netanyahu left for Nairobi, Kenya Tuesday morning for his third diplomatic visit to Africa in the past year and a half.

Israeli media: Holocaust survivor’s daughter faces deportation from Israel

Two leading Israeli media sites, Haaretz and Jerusalem Post, and U.S.-based Newsweek are reporting that Rebecca Floer, the daughter of a Holocaust survivor, may be deported from Israel after seeking citizenship here because she was baptized as a baby.

JPost runs positive article on Israeli Messianic leader, Damkani

The popular English-speaking Israeli new site, the Jerusalem Post, recently published an extremely positive profile on Jacob Damkani in an article entitled "One Israeli man's mission to bring the Gospel back to Jewish people."

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