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Bears for Hope: Touching the ‘hearts’ of Israel’s children

A fledgling organization based in Israel has a unique way of providing hope to children who are hospitalized and especially those with heart disease: through teddy bears.

Israeli minister ‘honored’ by Poland cancelling his visit over Holocaust bill

Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett welcomed Poland's cancellation of a planned visit this week to discuss the Polish Holocaust bill.

Lebanese Army claims Israel’s border wall violates its sovereignty

Lebanon claims the border wall Israel is constructing violates its sovereignty. The Lebanese Army made the accusations on Monday following a meeting between Israeli and Lebanese military officials with UNIFIL peacekeeping forces.

Second rabbi murdered by terrorists in ongoing ‘knife intifada’

The 29-year-old rabbi and father of four who was stabbed to death in a violent terror attack Monday afternoon was laid to rest Tuesday morning. The attack, which occurred at a bus stop just outside the Israeli city of Ariel in Samaria, was the second murder of a rabbi in a month.

Will Hamas use humanitarian excuse to start war with Israel?

Trump administration Mideast envoy Jason Greenblatt says Hamas and its mentor, Iran, bear responsibility for the deteriorating humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip as the IDF's army chief warns that Hamas could use that situation to start a new war soon.

Media reports “secret alliance” between Israel and Egypt in fight against ISIS

Several reports have cited British and American officials confirming cooperation, as well as reports of advanced Arab cooperation with Israel in the fight against common regional threats like Iran, Hezbollah and ISIS.

Kurdish pastor: Turkey bigger threat to Israel than Iran

A Kurdish pastor is issuing a wake-up call to Israel and the West: Turkey, not Iran, is Israel's biggest threat, and Turkey is aiming to take over Kurdish controlled areas of Iraq.

High stakes meeting in Moscow: Netanyahu and Putin

In a high stakes meeting, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday in Moscow.

Netanyahu en route to Moscow to meet with Putin on Iran, Syria and Hezbollah

The prime minister left for Russia on Monday morning, speaking to the press on the itinerary for his meeting with Putin, confirming talks will center on Iran and Syria.

Survey shows waning support of Israel among millennial evangelicals

Though evangelical Christians in America are a known bloc of spiritual, political and financial support for Israel, a new study has shown that the younger generation of Christians are somewhat more ambivalent toward the Jewish State— a trend that concerns pro-Israel Christian leaders as well as policy makers.