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VIDEO: NFL players visit Israel center for children with special needs

A delegation of 30 current and retired football players and coaches from America’s National Football League visited a center in Jerusalem for children with special needs on Sunday.

Netanyahu: UN anti-Israel resolutions ‘circus of the absurd’

As Israel approaches its 70th anniversary as a modern nation state, the anti-Israel agenda at the United Nations – and elsewhere – continues pretty much unabated.

Netanyahu: Taylor Force Act powerful signal from the US which is changing the rules

PM thanks US Congress and Trump Admin. for passing Taylor Force Act aimed at cutting PA funding of terrorists; Netanyahu: United States simply exposing lie after lie and is standing up on truth after truth.

Treasure trove of ancient Jewish ‘freedom coins’ just in time for Passover

Hebrew University archaeologist Dr. Eilat Mazar uncovered a rare treasure trove of bronze coins from the time of the Jewish revolt against the Romans more than 1,900 years ago.

Ancient mosaic in Israel describes Jesus as God

An Israeli prison in Megiddo will be transformed into an archaeological park showcasing the major Roman-era archaeological remains that have been discovered underneath it including the remains of an ancient Jewish village and a stunning mosaic that identifies Jesus as God.

UNHRC passed 5 anti-Israel resolutions in Geneva

As with last year, UNHRC passes 5 anti-Israel resolutions; 2 passed on Syria, and 1 on Myanmar, N. Korea and Iran; Haley: Today’s actions make clear that the organization lacks the credibility needed to be a true advocate for human rights.

Israel begins clearing baptismal site of mines, remnants of war

Just about a 40-minute drive from Jerusalem, in the heart of the Jordan Valley and on the Jordan River sits a baptismal site known as Qasr el Yahud, an Arabic expression for the "Jew's Castle."

Israel confirms it destroyed Syrian nuclear reactor in 2007

Following decade military censor, Israel confirms it destroyed Syrian nuclear reactor in 2007; Four jets and 17 tons of explosives destroyed North Korean assisted nuclear facility in secret mission; IDF: The nuclear facility was destroyed and an escalation in the region prevented.

When Israel is left alone, it will act, expert says

More than a decade after Israeli pilots destroyed a Korean-built nuclear reactor in Syria, Israel declassified top secret documents Wednesday detailing the operation.

Terror attacks rise, ‘rage’ days ahead as Israel prepares for 70th anniversary

With less than two months until Israelis celebrate the nation's 70th anniversary and the US moves its embassy to Jerusalem, terror attacks are on the rise.