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Hananya Naftali

BREAKING: Israeli believer Hananya Naftali is hired by Prime Minister Netanyahu’s office

The Jerusalem Post is reporting today that Hananya Naftali, an Israeli believer in Yeshua, was hired to be the new deputy social media adviser for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
KNI Israel Prayer Corner

KNI Israel Prayer Corner :: April 24, 2018

Prayer for Israel News In the six weeks between Passover and the Shavuot, the Feast of Weeks this year, some major events unfold in Israel....

Man convicted of bombing Israeli Messianic Pastor’s home demands release from prison

The man responsible for leaving a bomb outside an Israeli Messianic pastor's apartment, which almost killed his son 10 years ago, is demanding to be released from prison.
Bergitta Veksler leads praise at FIRM's Israel 70th Anniversary Celebration

FIRM celebrates Israel’s 70th anniversary in Jerusalem

The Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries (FIRM) sponsored an entertaining, enlightening and well-attended 70th anniversary celebration for Israel in Jerusalem on Thursday night.

CBN Israel and FIRM to host Amutah Forum in May

With the hope of providing valuable resources for ministries and other believing organizations in Israel, CBN Israel and the Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries (FIRM) are hosting a forum specifically for nonprofits.

The amazing “drama” just before Israel’s Declaration of Independence

Ron writes, "Only God could have gathered the Jewish people back to her homeland, and only God could have protected us these 70 years, surrounded by our increasingly violent neighbors."

Israel’s 70th birthday: A miracle amid thanks and threats

Israel opened its 70th anniversary festivities with song, dance and fireworks, albeit under the shadow of an Iranian threat.

Christian Friends of Israel (CFI) conference celebrates Israel’s 70th birthday

The conference theme is “Stepping into the role of being a Light to the Nations.” As it has for over 30 years, CFI continues its efforts to bring love and light to the Jewish people, as Christian friends of Israel.

Israel’s 70th anniversary celebrations begin

Israel begins celebrations of its auspicious 70th year of existence this evening at sundown, after Memorial Day comes to a close.

The state of the State of Israel: The Gospel and the Body of Messiah

Howard writes, "What is God doing in Israel? What is the spiritual state of the State of Israel as she celebrates 70 years as a sovereign nation among the nations of the world?"