Music & Worship Videos

Music videos by Israeli believers or Israel-related.


VIDEO: Praise to Our God 5 Concert – Ashuv Eleicha (Coming Back to You)

A song from Praise to Our God 5 Concert, "Coming Back to You." (In Hebrew with English subtitles)

VIDEO: Hatikva and Havenu Shalom Aleichem

Live recording (2009) of HaTikva "The Hope" (Israel's national anthem) and Havenu Shalom Aleichem by Joshua Aaron.

VIDEO: Kadosh Elohim

Listen to a worship song from the Esther Fast prayer 2017.

VIDEO: I Held Him – Birgitta Veksler

"I Held Him", a single from the album "The Israeli Path" by Birgitta Veksler. Song in Hebrew with lyrics below in English.

VIDEO: I Am Running – Shilo Ben Hod

Song "I Am Running" by Shilo Ben Hod in Hebrew with English subtitles. Lyrics below.

VIDEO: Every Tribe – feat. Chief Joseph RiverWind & John Schlitt (audio track)

Official Audio title track from Joshua Aaron's chart topping album "Every Tribe" (reached #1 on iTunes and Amazon in "world, CCM and Praise & Worship" genres). Lyrics below.

VIDEO: Leave it behind – Eli Haitov

Song "Leave it behind" by Eli Haitov in Hebrew with English subtitles. Lyrics below.

VIDEO: Hineh Ma Tov – Psalm 133 (lyric video)

Hineh Ma Tov (Psalm 133) by Joshua Aaron from his new album "Every Tribe".

VIDEO: My Home and Yours – Yaron Yerachmiel Cherniak

This song "My Home and Yours" (in Hebrew) is from the album "The Israeli Path". Below are lyrics in English.

VIDEO: Salvation Is Your Name (How To Play)

How to play, "Salvation is Your Name" by Joshua Aaron. Filmed along the Jordan River in Israel. Lyrics and chords below:

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