Music & Worship Videos

Music videos by Israeli believers or Israel-related.


VIDEO: Kadosh Elohim

Listen to a worship song from the Esther Fast prayer 2017.

VIDEO: I Held Him – Birgitta Veksler

"I Held Him", a single from the album "The Israeli Path" by Birgitta Veksler. Song in Hebrew with lyrics below in English.

VIDEO: I Am Running – Shilo Ben Hod

Song "I Am Running" by Shilo Ben Hod in Hebrew with English subtitles. Lyrics below.

VIDEO: Every Tribe – feat. Chief Joseph RiverWind & John Schlitt (audio track)

Official Audio title track from Joshua Aaron's chart topping album "Every Tribe" (reached #1 on iTunes and Amazon in "world, CCM and Praise & Worship" genres). Lyrics below.

VIDEO: Leave it behind – Eli Haitov

Song "Leave it behind" by Eli Haitov in Hebrew with English subtitles. Lyrics below.

VIDEO: Hineh Ma Tov – Psalm 133 (lyric video)

Hineh Ma Tov (Psalm 133) by Joshua Aaron from his new album "Every Tribe".

VIDEO: My Home and Yours – Yaron Yerachmiel Cherniak

This song "My Home and Yours" (in Hebrew) is from the album "The Israeli Path". Below are lyrics in English.

VIDEO: Salvation Is Your Name (How To Play)

How to play, "Salvation is Your Name" by Joshua Aaron. Filmed along the Jordan River in Israel. Lyrics and chords below:

VIDEO: Salvation is Your Name (feat. Mike Weaver) – Jerusalem Hills Lyric Video

Joshua Aaron takes you on an epic aerial journey through the mountains surrounding Jerusalem, Israel. Set to his new song, "Salvation is Your Name" (feat. Mike weaver).

VIDEO: Shalom (The Shabbat Song)

"Shalom" from Joshua Aaron's brand new record, Every Tribe. Filmed in Jerusalem.

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