Music & Worship Videos

Music videos by Israeli believers or Israel-related.


VIDEO: The Star is Born – Zachariah’s Song

A song from the Messianic Musical "The Star is Born" presented by the Messianic Jewish Alliance of Israel. In Hebrew with English subtitles.

VIDEO: To The Jew First

A music video of a Trumpet of Salvation campaign throughout Israel

VIDEO: All is Well (Lyric Video)

In this Joshua Aaron original, Joshua is joined by his entire family singing a phrase he grew up hearing often from his Israeli mother, "kol tov" (all is well). This video is the latest from Joshua's YouTube channel, His website,, will be added to our new "Media and Music" category in our Organization Directory on the main menu.

VIDEO: Israeli Messianic Youth Orchestra- Fiddler on the Roof and More

Israeli Messianic youth orchestra conducted by Leonid Gelbet plays songs from Fiddler on the Roof and more.

VIDEO: Israeli Messianic Youth Orchestra

Messianic youth orchestra in Israel by Leonid Gelbet.

VIDEO: Tshuva – Repentance for Yom Kippur

Music video by Anthony and Irene Chapman in Hebrew with English subtitles. Based on Psalm 51:3,14,19 - Matthew 24:12 - Jeremiah 14:20 - 2 Chronicles 6:30-31.

VIDEO: Shai Sol – At the Train Station

Music video by Messianic singer Shai Sol, who boldly proclaimed her faith on an Israeli national television talent show.

Sarah Liberman – The Great Exchange (Official Music Video)

Israeli Messianic worship artist Sarah Liberman sings of seeking God's presence.

Stronger / Ata Gadol by Sarah Liberman (Official Lyric Video)

Hillsong's popular, beloved Christian worship song "Stronger", sung in Hebrew by Israeli worship leader Sarah Liberman from the album "I am Before You".