Videos by or about Israeli believers, and sometimes guest contributors from other countries, related to a variety of topics including biblical teaching, music and worship, and personal testimonies.


VIDEO: The spirit of truth

Colin Mitchell gives a teaching "The spirit of truth" at Kehilat HaCarmel on May 20, 2017.

VIDEO: Jerusalem Dateline: US delays Jerusalem embassy move ahead of Trump trip

US Ambassador to UN Nikki Haley tells CBN’s Brody: Jerusalem is Israel’s capital, embassy should move there; but President Trump postpones US Embassy move...

VIDEO: Join us for Shavout – prayer and fasting event

Join us for our annual prayer and fasting Shavout event. May 30th 7pm- 1am (Israel time)

VIDEO: Brad Show – Meeting Jerusalem Dateline’s Chris Mitchell (Part 1)

Jerusalem Dateline reports weekly news on Israel and the Middle East. What does the production process look like for them and what is their vision? What is the current situation in Israel and the Middle East? We hear all this from Jerusalem Dateline's anchor, Chris Mitchell.

VIDEO: Prophecy Update from San Remo

Amir gives a current events and Prophecy Update on Trump’s intelligence leak, moving USA embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Syria, the media and...

VIDEO: The spiritual journey of Jewish Israeli Pastor Eitan Kashtan

"I tried to prove their Bible was wrong, but maybe it was time to open my mind."  

VIDEO: Dry Bones, 1968

The script was simple, just use the word of God, straight from the Bible. The pictures were simple, just show what God was actually doing in re-born Israel. Now 40+ years later, the film is as timeless and powerful as ever.

VIDEO: Why do Jewish communities need protection in 2017?

"Why are Jewish communities around the world are NOT safe? Anti-Semitism has no place in our world, and it’s our duty to fight it and call others to do the same."

VIDEO: Family, faith and tribes

As we continue our study through Timothy, Pastor Chad talks about how we are all apart of a family, a faith, and a tribe!

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