Teaching Videos

Teaching videos by Israeli believers or Israel-related.


VIDEO: The life of Rehoboam

Teaching by Benjamin Foreman about the life of Rehoboam (1 Kings) at Jerusalem Assembly on June 10, 2017.

VIDEO: Taking the land

In this teaching at the Baruch Haba tour 2017 Asher shares about our call to claim our nations for the kingdom of Yeshua.

VIDEO: My sheep hear my voice

A teaching by Vladimir Tsapar "My sheep hear my voice" at Kehilat HaCarmel on June 3, 2017.

VIDEO: Reigniting our gifts

Continuing in the sermon series, "Resilient Faith" Pastor Wayne Hilsden talks about reawakening the special gifts that are inside us all.

VIDEO: Out of Zion – Do you want to see more people healed?

GOD TV presents a daily devotional from Israel with Messianic pastor, Ron Cantor who helps viewers discover the Land of the Bible, its historic sites and explains scripture from a Jewish perspective.

VIDEO: Walking in the light

Men's Pastor Todd McIntyre from Gateway church in Texas, USA shares a compelling story about his walk with the Lord and encourages us to...

VIDEO: Out of Zion – Can God lie?

Some claim that God's promises to Israel are now to the Church. For that to be true, God would have to be lying, but can God lie?

VIDEO: Pentecost – Power from on High

Dani Sayag gives a teaching on Pentecost at Kehilat HaCarmel on May 27, 2017.

VIDEO: Zechariah 12 prophecy on the piercing of the Messiah

Zechariah's unbelievable and amazing prophecy from 6th Century BC about the coming crucifixion of Jesus the Messiah and of Israel's recognition of Jesus at...

VIDEO: A teaching on Jerusalem

Teaching by John Teodor about the city of Jerusalem at Jerusalem Assembly on May 20, 2017.

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