Teaching Videos

Teaching videos by Israeli believers or Israel-related.


VIDEO: Slaves or sons?

Peter gives a teaching "Slaves or sons?" at Kehilat HaCarmel on April 15, 2017.

VIDEO: Out of Zion – Stealing the Jew out of Jesus and more

GOD TV presents a daily devotional from Israel with Messianic pastor, Ron Cantor who helps viewers discover the Land of the Bible, its historic sites and explains scripture from a Jewish perspective.

VIDEO: What is going on

The truth is thought to provoke and be compelling, but some days we don't know what happening. Hear Pastor Chad share with us what...

VIDEO: The Gospel according to Passover

Pastor Wayne reveals the special, unique aspect of Passover regarding the Gospel and how it can apply to us today.

VIDEO: Exercising faith

A teaching by Mike Mott. Let's put our faith into action and see what God can do through us and how He can reach...

VIDEO: What has changed?

Vladimir gives a teaching "What has changed?" at Kehilat HaCarmel on April 8, 2017.

VIDEO: Jesus and the Passover

Another inspiring teaching on Jesus through Jewish eyes, revealing the true meaning of the Old Testament Passover Seder in light of New Testament events.

VIDEO: Dinner party parables

Joseph continues his teachings on the parables of Jesus from a Jewish first century perspective. This is part 15, dinner party parables.

VIDEO: Soul for soul

Asher goes deeper into the meaning of the word "soul" and shares on the sacrifice of Yeshua for our transgressions.

VIDEO: Messianic prophecy – Isaiah 11

Teaching by Meno from the book of Isaiah chapter 11 at Jerusalem Assembly on December 24, 2016.

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